A micro-roastery and a cafe all in one roof, Daunt is a minimalistic coffee house located along Jeonpo Cafe Street in Busan, South Korea.

Daunt Coffee Review - Minimalistic Coffee House at Jeonpo Cafe Street Busan South Korea
A two storey cafe, with a balcony for diners who prefer the outdoors

You can’t miss this cafe, with its pristine coating of white amidst industrial facades of the neighbourhood. Jeonpo Cafe Street mainly housed industrial shops until 2009, when it began to grow into a popular destination for locals and tourists alike for its collection of modern restaurants and cafes.

Aside from espresso-based coffee- Americano (₩4,300), Drip Coffee (₩5,000), Latte (₩5,000), Daunt also serves special drinks such as the Cold Brew Honey White (₩5,500) and Coffee with Einspanner.

Daunt Coffee Review - Korean Barista Preparing Cold Brew with Honey
It only takes a minute to prepare the cold brews, perfect for those who are rushing off

Originating from Vienna, Einspanner is a popular coffee drink in Korea. It’s traditionally prepared with two shots of espresso, topped with whipped cream. Making its way to the east, it’s become an umbrella term for coffee with cold foam.

Their Einspanner drinks include the Cream Cold Brew, Cream Latte and Cream Coconut. Alternatively, diners can opt for its savoury counterpart— Einspanner Salting Cream.

The decadence of the cream pairs well with the cold brew, with traces of a chocolatey aftertaste. I would have preferred it without the cream, so that I could get a better taste of the undertones of the coffee. Alternatively, opting for the salted cream might have given it an interesting ‘salt in chocolate milk’ combination.

While the Cold Brew Honey White is inviolate of ‘bitterness’ that is undesirable to some diners, it tasted flat. Perhaps it was the mild flavours that cold brew typically entail, or a skewered ratio of honey to coffee. Regardless, this was not a drink I would recommend.

Daunt’s menu also includes non-caffeinated drinks such as Iced Choco Latte (₩5,500), Ade (₩5,500) and Sweetened Black Iced Tea (₩5,500).

Location: 43-6, Seojeon-ro, 38 beon-gil
부산 부산진구 서전로38번길 43-6 1층 다운트
Opening hours: 11am-10pm


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