Degree Celsius Review - Guava Lychee Cake, Hot Latte and Iced Strawberry Matcha Latte

At first glance, Degree Celsius had real basic vibes, with the minimalist sheet of white; its name also reminded me of %Arabica and Equate Coffee. But, my opinion shifted after noticing the embellishment of dried flowers, luscious potted plants and a collage of postcards that injected personality, making the place more welcoming.

The decor reminds me of cosy Taiwanese cafes

Degree Celsius is a minimalistic cafe located right beside Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, serving quality coffee, bakes, and the latest addition to the menu — bagels.

Coffee & cakes

Degree Celsius uses an Ethiopian single origin for their espresso-based coffee including Espresso ($3), Americano ($4), Cold Brew ($5), Piccolo Latte ($5), Flat White ($5.5), Cappuccino and Latte ($6), Mocha ($6.5) and Caramel Macchiato ($6.5). You can also try their non-dairy options — oat, soy and almond milk — which are free at the moment.

I got it with the oat milk which administered a touch of sweetness against the bitterness of the roast. Perhaps they were masked by the oat milk, but I couldn’t detect any prominent tasting notes from the coffee.

Aside from coffee and cakes, they also have a small selection of tea, amongst which is their Signature Strawberry Matcha Latte ($6) that was crafted with fresh strawberry. It took them a month of research to develop the perfect recipe and the result is a jammy fruity mix with a subtle aftertaste of matcha. Although I would’ve preferred a stronger intensity on the matcha, it was a pretty interesting take on a basic matcha latte.

Matcha Strawberry Latte at Degree Celsius Cafe at Dhoby Ghaut

The bakes that caught our attention were the Yuzu Honey and Lychee Guava, both cost $8. The interesting flavours were one thing, but we were also madly attracted by the rustic aesthetics. We got the Lychee Guava that was painted a smooth layer of whipped cream and rouged with dehydrated lychee bits. Although moist, the sponge cake layers were a tad dense, but still passably fluffy. Flavours-wise, the sponge and cream were lightly perfumed with guava. Although I appreciate the delicate flavours, I wished the lychee had played a bigger part.

New bagel spot in town

Here is one of the most generous bagels I’ve had in Singapore — Degree Celsius’s Lox ($14). It’s a classic combination of cream cheese, gravlax, tomatoes, onions and dill. The addition of honey lemon vinaigrette was a good counter against the rich cream cheese and the insane amount of salmon.

Meanwhile, for something meatier, Reuben’s Bagel ($14), a beef pastrami bagel, is a good choice too.

Other options on the new brunch menu includes Scrambled ($10), Smashed Avocado ($12), and Hot chick! ($13).

Work-friendly cafe at Dhoby Ghaut

With strong wifi and plenty of electrical sockets, Degree Celsius makes the list for one of the best work-friendly cafes to do productive work at. If you walk further into the cafe, you’ll notice and open space with 4 small tables and built-in benches with 8 seats. The founder intentionally designed this space for people to concentrate on their work. Pro-tip, the embellishment of postcards on the wall also makes for a great background for photos.


While it’s not my favourite place to enjoy a cup of coffee, I would return to Degree Celcius for their cakes and Strawberry Matcha Latte. There’s also just an inexplicable charm that speciality cafes bear.

In fact, Degree Celcius reminded me of The Plain Jane, a swiss roll speciality cafe at Serangoon. The similarities don’t just end at the small menu and cosy ambience. Like how Jane wanted to create a safe space for the residents in Serangoon, the neighbourhood she grew up in, Norman, co-founder of Degree Celsius, wanted a passion project which he and his friends could work on together. The original plan was to open an ice-cream parlour with the other co-founder. But after working at Starbucks and forging new bonds with the other staff, they decided to make good use of their barista background and opened a coffee bar instead. Degree Celsius may be a cafe to us, but it was the perfect excuse for Norman and his friends to meet up.

Degree Celsius

Location: 9 Penang Rd, Singapore 238459
Tel: +65 9177 5015
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm
Sat-Sun: 9am-8pm

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