Everyone must be pretty bumped by the circuit breaker extension, not to mention the ‘devastating’ news that all bubble tea stores are temporarily closed. Opponents of the house may argue that bubble tea is in fact an essential. And while that remains unresolved, local bubble tea brand LiHo has stepped out to mediate the conflict with their DIY Bubble Tea Kit.

Not a bad idea, considering the number of people who have suddenly transformed into home cooks.

The two available flavors are the classic Milk Tea w Golden Pearl and Black Tea Oat Latte w Golden Pearl.

Source: Shopee

The comprehensive DIY set comes with tea leaves, creamer/milk, pearls, sugar and even bubble tea cups and straws to give you an illusion that you actually bought it outside! How thoughtful…

We went on Shopee to check and they’re currently having a Flash Sale. The Milk Tea kit is going at S$48 from S$65 and the Black Tea set is selling for S$85 from S$118.

Given the unfathomable craze our fellow Singaporeans have for bubble tea, I’d recommend getting these kits as fast as you can before they’re swept off the shelf. It’s only available on Shopee and yes, there is a limited amount.

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