Looking for a quick, affordable and decent meal at Ang Mo Kio? Check out El Carbon, a western stall located at Ang Mo Kio Hawker Centre that’s famous for their S$5 Carbonara.

Cheap, but is it tasty?

To be honest, the Carbonara isn’t all the impressive. The sauce was thin, not very creamy and strangely, had traces of mayonnaise. But it’s very hard to complain when it only costs S$5.

Their Black Pepper Chicken Pasta had a very similar taste, just more peppery. One thing I didn’t like about the pasta was that the mushrooms had a very gamey raw taste which resulted from not completely removing the moisture when frying them.

Lastly, we got their Karaage Chicken with Salted Egg Sauce which was not only the best dish of the meal but possibly the best karaage chicken / salted egg dish we’ve ever had. Lightly fried, resulting in a crispy skin and very tender chunks of chicken. The salted egg sauce was also on point, with the right amount of savoriness and a touch of spice.


Personally, El Carbon isn’t a place that you’d intentionally travel for for the food. Maybe the Karaage Chicken, but definitely not the pasta. However, I would see myself going down to El Carbon regularly if I stayed in the area. That’s the kind of stall it is.

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