Looking for the perfect wireless earphones in Singapore isn’t easy. It’s got to have great sound quality. And on top of that, a stylish design, long battery life, active noise cancellation, and for the sportsmen, water-resistance. Sudio ETT offers all those traits in 1 little package. Here’s our detailed review on Sudio’s wireless earphones.

Noise Cancelling

The highlight of the model is its active noise cancelling feature. With a click of a button, the ETT offers different amplitudes of noise cancellation, according your surroundings.

As advertised, the earpiece smoothly transits from music to calls. A ‘transparency’ function is introduced during calls to allow ambient noises to seep in. This enables me to hear myself without having to amplify my voice, which is embarrassing and an annoying thing to do in public…


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Inclusive of the one already attached onto the earpiece, the ETT comes with a total of 8 shapes and sizes for you to find the perfect fit. The original one fits me perfectly so I kept it on.


For sports lovers, the ETT is engineered with an IPX5 feature which means that it is sweat and splash resistant. I tried jogging around in it and it was pretty secured in my ears once I put it on.

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Now this is perhaps my favorite feature of the ETT- its long battery life. It has a 30 hour playtime which only requires 6 hours of charging which won me over because I always forget to charge my earpiece.

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The ETT model comes in white and black for a more classy look, pink for a pop of color to spice up your everyday look. And lastly green, for my army boys who wish vibe under the canopy of stars during their outfield.

Sudio 15% Off Promotion

Quote <D65SUDIO> for 15% off your purchase. Sudio offers free shipping, a 30 days return policy and a 1 year warranty. In addition, every purchase comes with a complementary tote bag.

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*This article is written in collaboration with Sudio

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