White Chimken at Fangko, modern Indonesian cuisine at Clarke Quay

A small unpretentious shop tucked in the corner of Hong Kong Street, Fangko serves modern Indonesian food like Nasi Lemak, Nasi Ramen and Smash Chimken.

The first thing that appealed to us was the gorgeous blue pea rice.

The Smash Chimken Blue Pea Rice ($7.8) was blessed with a coconut fragrance. Just potent enough to tempt you for another mouth, without overwhelming your palate; parallel to the silage of one’s perfume. The rice was light and fluffy. Its delicate taste renders it the perfect partner for the spicy smash chimken.

Fangko serves a generous portion of fried chicken with a spice level of 0-12. We got a level 3 which might sound like a low level- perhaps we’re just cursed with a low spice tolerance- but it grew aggressively spicy towards the end of the meal. The flavours, addictive as it was, were robust but restrained at the same time, giving room for the subtle aroma of the rice to shine through.

We recommend the White chimken ($9.5) if you prefer a gentle touch on your palate.

The aggressive spice was balanced out with the creamy sauce that was accompanied by fresh aromatics.

Meanwhile, the Indomee variation ($8.2) springy and well-coated in a savoury dark sauce. The individual elements were great on their own. I mean, it’s indomee and fried chicken.

However, having two intensely flavoured items in the same dish became a little overwhelming. I would recommend the Blue Pea Rice instead.

Gula melaka coffee in Singapore

To counter the spice, we shared a bottle of their signature Gula Melaka Kopi ($8 for 500ml). It’s espresso-based and sweetened with palm sugar but there wasn’t that robust, astringent kick you’d expect from an espresso. Instead, it reminded me more of a cold brew that generally has a milder, flatter flavour profile.

In terms of flavour, the syrupy distinct Gula Melaka taste was also absent. Instead, it was just mildly sweetened by the natural palm sugar.

Mrs Fang Waffles with Green pistachio and Macadamia Nut ($15.3) features their homemade waffles and ice-cream. The ice-cream were moderately nutty, with a nice touch of mint chocolate chip embedded in the pistachio.


$8 might be a little pricy for something you can easily find in hawker centers but I have to say it’s very well worth the price. Generous portion, a great balance of flavours, just try it and you’ll know what I mean.

Not to mention, the dishes here are relatively more affordable compared to the other eateries in Clarke Quay such as Punch, Shinzo and 8 Korean BBQ.

You can also order online for takeaway and delivery here.

Location: 20 Hongkong St, #01-03, Singapore 059663
Tel: +65 9231 8849
Opening hours:
Monday: Closed
Tue- Fri: 8:30am- 8pm
Sat: 9am- 8pm
Sun: 9am- 5pm

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*This article is written in collaboration with Fangko, but all opinions are my own

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