Feeding cows in a farm in Singapore. Source: Viknesh Dairy Farm Pte Ltd

Are you tired of the bustling city life? If not, you may be one of the rare ones who enjoy the hustle; or you’re simply taking it easy (respect). But farms aren’t just for unwinding and chilling. The rural setting is also great for an unconventional date or a family-friendly activity.

From feeding small animals to catching frogs and fish, and even learning how to grow an edible farm, here are the best farms in Singapore that you can visit to get a slice of the kampung life.

1. Hay Dairies

Goat milking and feeding in Singapore's only goat farm. Source: Hay Dairies
Source: Hay Dairies

Animal lovers rejoice at a unique goat-feeding experience at the only goat farm in Singapore. Established since 1988, Hay Dairies is a spacious farm that tends to 800 goats.

For $5, visitors can feed the goats with a bag of Alfafa Hay, which are high in proteins and minerals.

Catch the goat milking process between 9 to 10:30am, after which you can purchase a bottle of fresh goat milk for your own enjoyment.

For those who have never tried goat milk, it’s grassy and earthy with traces of that distinct goaty flavour you get from goat cheese. It’s an acquired taste, but who knows? You might enjoy it.

Address: 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, Singapore 718859
Opening Hours:
Monday: 9am- 4pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wed- Sun: 9am- 4pm


2. Jurong Frog Farm

Catching American Bullfrogs in Singapore's frog farm. Source: Jurong Frog Farm
Source: Jurong Frog Farm

Do not be mistaken by its name. The owners decided to keep its name when they moved from Jurong to Lim Chu Kang.

Test your agility in the Catch-A-Frog zone, where you, well, catch a frog. Alternatively, lay back at their feeding sessions, where you can purchase a box of grub at $3 per box.

Visitors can also explore the farm at their own place as a Frog Quest Explorer. With $18, you’ll be equipped with the necessary tools, such as a frog quest map and novelty frog pen, to navigate around the farm to reach a certain goal.

The aforementioned activities are only open to the general public on weekends and public holidays. All other programs, such as learning journeys or birthday celebrations, requires advanced bookings.

You can also have a taste of frogs from their fresh farm menu.

Address: 51 (Plot 56), Lim Chu Kang Lane 6, Singapore 718864
Opening Hours:
Monday: Closed
Tue- Fri: 9am- 5:40pm
Sat- Sun: 9am- 5:30pm


3. Qian Hu Fish Farm

Fish tanks with over 1000 species of aquatic species in Singapore. Source: Qian Hu Fish Farm
Source: Qian Hu Fish Farm

As the largest ornamental fish distributor in Singapore, Qian Hu Fish Farm houses a wide variety of fishes.

Visitors can expect over 1000 species, such as koi and arowana, in large tanks. Other types of aquatic creatures such as eel, stingray and turtles are displayed in a separate section.

Kids can also enjoy longkang fishing- a popular childhood activity in the 50s where children would catch fishes in a small bucket and net- for guppies $6 for 30 minutes.

Address: No. 71 Jalan Lekar, Singapore 698950 
Opening Hours:
Mon- Fri: 9am- 6pm
Sat- Sun: 9am- 7pm


4. Viknesh Dairy Farm

Feeding cows in a farm in Singapore. Source: Viknesh Dairy Farm Pte Ltd
Source: Viknesh Dairy Farm

Rooted in Hinduism values, Viknesh Dairy Farm is a family-owned cow farm business and a major leading milk supplying company that was established in 2003.

Unlike the other animal farms on this list, you can’t feed or pet the cows as they are mainly used for house blessings and temple prayers. However, you are free to roam around without much guidance.

They also offer free home delivery of fresh cow milk in Singapore for their customers with a minimum order of 5 litres.

Address: 6 Lim Chu Kang Lane 8A, Singapore 719607
Opening Hours: 10am- 4pm


5. Bollywood Veggies

Nature in Singapore, lake and trees. Source: Bollywood Veggies
Source: Bollywood Veggies

If animals farms aren’t your cup of tea, you might be interested in some flora and fauna.

Experience the simply pleasures of rustic farming life at Bollywood Veggies Farm. Roughly the size of eight football fields, the farm is truly an escape from the concrete jungle. Embark on a guided farm tour or discovery harvest, or enjoy the freshest farm produce at their Poison Ivy Bistro.

Aside from nature, the farm is also home to the Bollywood Food Museum which contains 24 oil paintings that showcases the relations of human civilisations and food.

Address: 100 Neo Tiew Road (Kranji), Singapore 719026
Opening Hours:
Mon- Wed: Closed
Thu- Sun: 7am- 4pm


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