What happened to Flash Coffee? Is it all closed?

Yes. Unfortunately, if you haven’t caught up with the Flash Coffee scandal, all of their Singapore outlets have permanently closed.

But if you’d like to find out more about this Indonesian coffee chain before it all went downhill, read on.

Our honest review of Flash Coffee Singapore

Recharge with Flash Coffee, an artisanal coffee house that prices their coffee from $2.8.

This Indonesian-based coffee chain opened its first branch in Singapore at Tanjong Pagar. There’s no shortage of coffee in the CBD area. But for it to be that affordable and still taste as good as the other cafes? There might not be other contenders.

It didn’t take long for them to open 30 other stores around the island.

Artisanal coffee on the go

Flash Coffee combines the take-and-go aspect of first-wave coffee houses with bean-to-cup flavours of third-wave coffee, resulting in a quick coffee-fix without compromising on its quality.

Their House Blend is a mixture of Brazilian and Ugandan beans in a 7:3 ratio. Packed with a nutty flavour, with trails of fruitiness. Furthermore, extracting a ristretto, which uses half the amount of water than an espresso, renders a bolder and sweeter flavour.

While the coffee might taste ‘stronger’, the amount of caffeine in ristretto is actually less than espresso.

The most affordable cafe-style coffee you’ll get in Singapore

A cup of Americano costs $2.8 while Lattes starts from $3.8.

Now let’s talk about their sweetened coffees. Friends who patron Starbucks because ‘cafe coffees are too bitter. I like sweet coffees hehe’ should give Flash Coffee a shot.

Flash Coffee’s menu includes Macadamia Latte ($4.8), Melaka Latte ($4.8), and Nutella Latte ($5.8) , which tastes like a hazelnut latte). They are sweetened with Giffard, a premium syrup brand from Italy, imparting a more genuine flavour rather than an artificial, saccharine profile.

It was truly mind-blowing to think that syrup could taste like that. I even had to confirm my doubts with their barista, with the idea that they had somehow incorporated macadamia and hazelnut into the drinks.

Non-caffeinated options

If you’ve already had your caffeine fix for the day, their extensive menu covers a number of non-caffeinated drinks.

We recommend the Golden Tumeric Latte ($4.8), also known as the Detox Latte. Essentially, oat milk mixed with turmeric powder. You get an initial kick from the spice before the natural sweetness of the oat milk rounds it out.

Their Matcha Latte ($4.8) was a touch too sweet for me. A type of sweetener, and maybe cream, was added in. It might appeal to the average Singaporean who generally has a sweeter palate. But personally, I prefer my matcha lattes unsweetened.

Un-spillable Cups

As mentioned above, Flash Coffee was aiming for a grab-and-go concept to accommodate with Singapore’s cut-throat and fast-paced working culture. A caffeine boost couldn’t go any worse than spilling it all over your G2000 trousers or Love Bonito blazer. To avoid an embarrassing and messy situation, Flash Coffee designed their cups in a way that prevents spillage.

If you manage to spill a drop from this cup, well, then that’s really on you…


Combining the artisanship of Third Wave Coffee with the initial grab-and-go concept, Flash Coffee offers award-winning coffee to fuel your day. With its striking colours, you won’t be able to miss their store amidst the monochromatic colours of the concrete jungle.

Location: 138 Robinson Rd, #01-07 Oxley Tower, Singapore 068906
Opening hours:
Mon- Fri: 8am- 6pm
Saturday: 8am- 4pm
Sunday: Closed


*This article is written in collaboration with Flash Coffee

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