I can’t be the only one who wondered what a cloud felt like as a kid on the plane, as the metal bird soared through the infinite hues of white in the acres of blue. My best guess is Fluff Stack’s soufflé pancakes, one of the fluffiest in Singapore.

Fluffiest Souffle Pancakes in Singapore?

strawberry cheese soufflé pancakes, fluff stack menu

We noticed their menu changes every now and then since they opened a year ago. But there are some classic flavors that have been on the board since Day 1, specifically, the Strawberry Cheese Souffle Pancakes (S$12.8).

I’m not a huge fan of strawberry desserts. But there was something about the huge scoop of cream cheese and gloss of the strawberry coulis that was so alluring. Succumbed to its seduction, I ordered it without hesitation.

The cheese foam looked a lot airier than what I had expected. I would’ve preferred a velvety, dense texture. Instead, it had a whipped cream consistency. However, the flavours paired well. The cream cheese had a hint of saltiness which balanced the sweetness of the strawberry coulis. Thank god for actual strawberry flavours, and not cheap flavouring which resembled cough medicine.

classic soufflé pancakes, fluff stack menu

The Classic Souffle Pancakes (S$8.8) was a whole new experience and a good example that sometimes less is more. Classic pancake toppings are used, but better.

With a rounded sweetness, the maple syrup paired well with the honey butter which had a pang of saltiness; something that I hadn’t expect, but really enjoyed. It’s definitely one of the best sweet and salty combo. Furthermore, just like the cheese foam I mentioned earlier, I didn’t like how the airy the Chantilly cream was. Granted, its flavour and texture was textbook, it just didn’t pair well with the already airy soufflé pancakes.

New Additions to The Menu

tiramisu soufflé pancakes, fluff stack menu

For the newer flavors, the Tiramisu Souffle Pancakes started off quite disappointing. It’s mainly the stingy amount of Mascarpone for me. But I soon realized that I had misunderstood Fluff Stack, which had a completely different take on the classic dessert.

Simply drizzle the shot of Espresso over your pancakes and you’ll know what we mean. Bitter, acidic, stone-cold, it just somehow elevated the flavours of the entire dish.

salted caramel soufflé pancakes, fluff stack menu

Lastly, introducing Fluff Stack’s latest addition to the menu- Salted Caramel Souffle Pancakes. It was topped with mascarpone creme, cheese foam, crushed hazelnuts, caramelized biscuits and a generous drizzle of salted caramel. Every component was just so on point, especially the caramel sauce, which wasn’t too cloying and had a good amount of saltiness.

Cold Brew and Gryphon Tea

They do have drinks to go with the pancakes such as coffee, sparkling tea by Gryphon Tea Company and their own artisanal tea.


Well, as far as soufflé pancakes go, we all know how overpriced some can be. But, Fluff Stack was reasonably priced and in my opinion, one of the best you can get at its given price point.

Lastly, a bonus for any aspiring home chefs who are struggling to perfect this recipe, Fluff Stack has an open kitchen where they cook their pancakes to order. Wink.

For more soufflé pancakes option, check out our review on Nineteen Tea Singapore and Bangkok Jam’s latest Thai-inspired Souffle Pancakes. We also just wrote an article comparing Fluff Stack with the latest entrant to the souffle pancakes market, Flippers.

Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard #B1-K4, Suntec City Mall, West Atrium, 038983
Tel: +65 8650 1388
Opening hours: 11am- 9:30pm (sun- thur); 11am- 9:45 (fri- sat)

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