Feeling deprived and itching to travel out of Singapore for a change of pace during Covid season? Although we can’t travel overseas right now, there is nothing stopping us from planning ahead to make up for all the lost time once it is safe. To those who have no clue of where to go and what to do (and even you already have plans, read on! You can also bookmark this for your next trip)

Nijigen No Mori (Awaji Island Anime Park) opens its latest Godzilla attraction and here is all you need to know about it.

Source: Nijigen No Mori
Source: Nijigen No Mori

Nijigen No Mori is an anime theme park located on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. Translated to “two-dimensional forest”, it is a park designed for visitors to feel as if they were stepping into the fantasy world of their favorite characters and they currently have attractions featuring Naruto, Boruto and Crayon Shin-Chan.  

Source: Nijigen No Mori

From 8 August to 31 August 2020, Nijigen no Mori will have an advance opening for its Godzilla attraction.

Although the official opening date for the whole attraction has not yet been revealed yet, what has been revealed so far has been thrilling. And every Godzilla fan should put this at the top of their bucket list.

Paying homage to legacy of the “King of Monsters”, this new attraction will include 

  • A zip line that will allow you to fly into Godzilla’s mouth
  • A shooting game to destroy cells within Godzilla’s body
  • The world’s first permanent “Godzilla Museum
  • A shop selling original Godzilla goods
  • Workshops for children “Chibi Godzilla Nakayoshi Sakusen” 
  • Original Godzilla Collaboration Food
Source: Nijigen No Mori
Source: Nijigen No Mori

In cooperation with Toho, the company in charge of producing the Godzilla movies, the Godzilla Museum will boast a large collection of figures, props and prototype models that has appeared in the much loved Godzilla movies over the years.

With impressive exhibitions recreated from famous scenes in the movies like “Godzilla x Mothra x Mechagodzilla Tokyo SOS”, no Godzilla fan should have to miss out on the opportunity to see these with their own eyes. 

Source: Nijigen No Mori
Source: Nijigen No Mori

Original Godzilla collaboration food will also be available at “Morino Rerrace” and the attached kitchen car, allowing visitors to enjoy these delicious refreshments. 

Source: Nijigen No Mori

Need to keep the kids entertained? Fret not as a workshop will also be conducted for children, allowing them to create their very own traditional toys with the motif of Chibi Godzilla, guaranteed to keep them occupied and happy.

Source: Nijigen No Mori
Source: Nijigen No Mori

And of course what trip would be completed without souvenirs and merchandise? Get your hands on these original goods that will only be available for purchase at the Museum shop.

So look forward to the official opening of this new attraction and make sure to visit it once Covid has passed over.

Location: Iwaya, Awaji, Hyogo 656-2401, Japan
Tel: +81 97-565-0861

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