Fire Chicken Pizza ($11.9) from GoPizza

Have you ever given up a pizza meal just because you know you can’t finish the whole thing by yourself?

GoPizza is a new Korean pizza concept that serves pizza for one person.

The menu includes 16 varieties of pizza, including classics and Korean-inspired flavours, as well pastas and Korean side dishes.

The Blue Cheese Pizza ($11.9) is served with honey, which is a common practice in Korea. Its sweetness and savoury balanced well, but the complexity of the blue cheese could’ve been more prominent. Perhaps, a larger amount should’ve been used.

Made from hell, the Fire Chicken Pizza ($11.9) was not meant for those with a spice tolerance. Not only was it doused in Korean chili sauce, it was topped with dried chili flakes.

As it name suggests, it made my tongue burn. But it was oddly satisfying to eat, especially considering how tender the chicken was.

If you’re dining in a group, GoPizza also offers different set meals. The Duo Package ($28.6) comes with two pizzas, two sides and two drinks.

GoPizza bakes their pizzas in their patented oven, Goven™, in five minutes, to accommodate to customers who are rushing. Perhaps it was an inconsistency issue but one of the crust had a dense, bread-like texture, while the other pizza had a fluffier mouthfeel with a light crisp on the edges.

Korean side dishes

The Tteokbokki ($7.9), a popular Korean street snack, was tough to chew on. Furthermore, the sauce it was served in lacked flavour. It tasted like it came straight out from a can.

The Yangnyum Chicken Box ($8.9) fared better, with crispy and tender bites, drizzled in a classic sweet and spicy sauce.


Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard #01-365, West Wing, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
Opening hours:
Mon- Thur: 11am- 10pm
Fri- Sat: 10:30am- 10:30pm
Sunday: 11am- 10pm

GoPizza locations

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