Reminisce dining in old European grill rooms at Gordon Grill, a fine dining restaurant at Goodwood Park Hotel that serves some of the best steaks in Singapore. 

Mains at Gordon Grill start from $42.

Aside from the beef, the crowd favourites are Duo of Pork ($58), which comes with grilled iberico pork pluma and braised pork cheek, and Australian Prime Lamb Chop ($58).

The lamb, while not as tender as I preferred, had a nice grassy sweetness to it. It was paired with lentil ragu, peas, and rosemary sauce, which accentuate its grassy, earthy flavours.

Meanwhile, beef lovers can opt for the Duo of Beef ($68). It featured a portion of grilled black angus fillet and braised wagyu beef cheek, complemented with mash potato, garden vegetables and red wine sauce.

The black angus fillet was tender, perfectly cooked as seen from the photo. Meanwhile, the wagyu beef cheeks was surprisingly lean. I would’ve preferred it fattier.

The red wine sauce both cuts were served with were velvety and flavourful. It paired perfectly with the angus fillet, which naturally has a milder flavours than other portions. However, maybe it’s the broth it was braised in, but the beef cheeks was imparted with a Chinese wine aroma that clashed with the red wine sauce.

Steak from the wagon

If you prioritise a good steak instead of variety, I recommend a prime steak from the wagon instead.

The most affordable item from the wagon is the Creek Stone pine USDA Black Angus Rib Eye ($2.8 per 10g, min 200g)

The steak had a nice marbling and a perfect wall-to-wall medium rare. Aged for 28 days, it was tender and flavourful, especially when paired with their green peppercorn sauce, which had a brighter aroma that typical peppercorn sauces.

Before my steak was cooked, the waiter pushed out a table cart with the entire rib eye, and sliced my desired portion out. This was 305g, which cost $67.

If you’re planning to splurge, go crazy with the ‘Olive Wagyu’ Rib Eye ($9 per 10g, min 100g). It’s considered as one of the rarest wagyu, which is bestowed with rich flavours and a buttery texture.

Crepe Suzette flambéed tableside

To end the night with a bang, we recommend their Crepe Suzette ($22), which is prepared at your tableside.

The staff pushed a trolley out, which held a portable gas stove and all the ingredients required to make a Crepe Suzette: two crepes, which were already made in the kitchen, sugar, butter, half a lemon, half an orange, cointreau, and brandy. A simple caramel was first prepared with sugar and butter, before the fruits were added in. Lastly, cointreau and brandy were flambeed, leaving a subtle fruity and sweet aroma.

Gordon Grill at Goodwood Park Hotel

Location: 22 Scotts Rd, Goodwood Park Hotel, Singapore 228221
Tel: +65 6730 1744
Opening hours:
12–2:30pm, 6:30–10pm

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