Eco-friendly gym? Does this affect my gains?

Green Curve SG is just like any other gym in Singapore. While it does market itself as an eco-friendly gym, its operations have shifted drastically from what it set out to be when they first opened five years ago.

However, it still functions well as a gym.

Is Green Curve SG a good gym to workout at?

It’s fully equipped with the basics, such as dumbbells, barbells, pull-up bars, treadmills and kettle-bells.

But more importantly, you can book out an entire room for yourself — perfect for gym-goers who prefer some privacy. Think of it as The Gym Pod, but with a more conducive, less striking environment.

The gym is split into three rooms: Eco Power Fit Studio, Green Curve Strength Fit Studio, Natural Energy Fit Studio.

All three studios are quite similar in terms of equipment and space although there is a slight price difference.

The Eco Power Fit Studio is the most extensively equipped, perfect for those who wish to clock in their cardio and strength training. It comprises a power rack, treadmill, plyometric box, mats and benches, gym balls, resistance exercise bands and high density foam rollers.

Meanwhile, for those who only wish to lift weights, the Strength Fit Studio will be more cost-effective. It’s biggest difference is the lack of the plyometric box, and the addition of a punching bag.

Lastly, the Natural Energy Fit Studio simply has the necessities — a wide range of barbell weight plates and dumbbells, as well as a treadmill, which should be sufficient for most gym-goers.

More information can be found on their website.

How much does each gym session cost?

Individual sessions averages at $11 per session, while package prices start from $8.8 per session. Each session is 30 minutes.

Going green and promoting a healthier lifestyle?

Unfortunately, what the gym owners initially sought out for is no longer in practice.

When they first opened in 2019, it was not just about working out. It was about promoting a healthier lifestyle holistically. Nutrition plans were available, nutritious food products such as Quinoa Bowls, Instant Quinoa Puffs and Raw Organic Maca Powder were on the menu.

The gym owners also used to promote eco-living in our daily lives, collaborating with other local partners with the same goal. You could find eco-friendly products, such as metal/bamboo straws, utensils and tumblers, for sale at the gym.

But, they’re not exactly greenwashing either. Their treadmill generates electricity (making me feel like a hamster), their flooring is made out of recycled rubber and even their cleaning equipment is 100% natural. So, they are still playing their part to save the earth.

A glimpse of what Green Curve SG was like in the past

Green Curve SG

Location: 104 Amoy Street, #03-01 MailBox 104 B, Singapore 069924
Tel: +65 9005 0489
Opening hours: 24 hours

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