Unique hanok Starbucks in Gyeongju, Daereungwon Branch

Cafes in Gyeongju? Isn’t it just a city for cultural attractions?

Also known as the ‘Museum Without Walls’, Gyeongju is famous for its olden-days infrastructure, such as Woljeonggyo Bridge, Seokbinggo, and Gyeongju Gyo Village.

But if you ask me, this city in Korea should be more famous for its cafes, as modern culinary concepts are integrated into traditional hanok houses. If you’re visiting Gyeongju on a day trip, here are the 12 best hanok cafes in Gyeongju to check out.

Where are the best cafes in Gyeongju?

Gyeongju cafes
1. Cheongsudang — the prettiest hanok cafe in Gyeongju with fluffy souffle castella
2. Cafe SOL — cafe near Daereungwon Ancient Tombs District with private garden patios
3. Cafe Aden — charming cafe beside Bomun Lake
4. House of Choi (1779 Cafe) — a cafe in Gyeongju Gyo Village that feels more like an art gallery
5. Misil Cafe — pet friendly cafe in Gyeongju specialising in tiramisu
6. Olivee Cafe — bakery-pairing cafe
7. Gabaehyangju — the best coffee house in Gyeongju
8. Yellow Doughnut — freshly-baked doughnuts every morning
9. Starbucks Gyeongju Daerungwon Branch — Starbucks, but in a hanok~
10. Yangji Coffee Shop — fluffy souffle pancakes loaded in cream
11. Caffe Beato — no-frills coffee house with six single origins to choose from
12. Roastery Donggyeong — hanok cafe inspired by Japanese zen gardens

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Best cafes in Gyeongju

1. Cheongsudang

Souffle castella and cheongsudang, gyeongju cafe
Seasonal-flavour Castella Souffle paired with a matcha latte

Cheongsudang takes hanok cafes in Gyeongju to the next level.

Not only is the cafe nestled inside a hanok, you get an unobstructed view of a pond, peppered with lanterns, and other hanoks in the area.

But that’s not the most impressive thing about this Gyeongju cafe. They’re famous for their jiggly souffle castella cakes as well. On top of the Original Souffle (₩16,800), you can also get it in Strawberry (₩18,800) and Mugwort (₩17,800) flavours.

Meanwhile, for drinks, Cheongsudang’s menu comprises a small selection of coffee, matcha, and fruit tea and black tea from ₩5,800.


Location: 31-9 Donhwamun-ro 11na-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울 종로구 돈화문로11나길 31-9
Opening hours: 10:30am-9pm

2. Cafe SOL

Huge outdoor hanok cafe, Cafe SOL, one of the best cafes in Gyeongju, South Korea
The courtyard of Cafe SOL, with multiple hanoks in the area

Cafe SOL is another huge cafe in Gyeongju, next to Cheongsudang in terms of space.

This minimalistic hanok cafe is split into three areas: an air-conditioned indoor space, where the coffee and pastries are made, a sheltered extension of the hanok for those who prefer a breath of fresh air, and individual garden patios for some privacy.

They are famous for ice cream, which costs about ₩4,000. But Cafe SOL’s menu is also quite extensive, comprising of croissants, financiers, breads and of course, coffee.

Cafe SOL is conveniently located at the southern exit of Daereungwon Ancient Tombs District, one of the more famous tourist attractions in Gyeongju.

Cafe SOL

Location: 208-3 Hwangnam-dong, Gyeongju-si
경북 경주시 포석로1092번길 62-8 1층
Opening hours: 10:30am-10pm

3. Cafe Aden

Lacking a social media presence, this might be the most underrated cafe in Gyeongju.

Cafe Aden overlooks Bomun Lake and Gyeongju World. While the view is mesmerising, the interior of the cafe is no joke as well — with a whimsical garden theme.

For food, expect a large variety of breads, including basics like Salt Bread to something more unique like Fresh Cream Bread with Choco Ganache, shaped like a snowy mountain cap (just like the famous bread from Cafe Onion!).

Location: 424-34 Bomun-ro, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea
경북 경주시 보문로 424-34
Opening hours: 10am-9:30pm

4. House of Choi (1779 Cafe)

CAFE EYST 1779, cafe at House of Choi, Gyeongju Hanok village
Contemporary seating area at this Gyeongju cafe

Also known as CAFE EYST 1779, this cafe in Gyeongju feels more like an art gallery with its contemporary furniture and modern decors (located at the counter near the entrance).

Located right beside Gyeongju Gyo Village, the cafe was built with bricks made in the Three Kingdoms period. Despite its intimidating facade, its spaciousness and organically-shaped furniture creates a cosy, welcoming environment once you step foot into the cafe.

It has a small menu that comprises of coffee and soft serve.

1779 Cafe

Location: 21 Gyochon An-gil
경북 경주시 교촌안길 21
Opening hours: 11am-9pm

5. Misil Cafe

Matcha Tiramisu and Iced Latte. Photo: Misil Cafe

Misil Cafe is a pet-friendly hanok-themed cafe in Gyeongju — not that majority of our readers would fly to Korea with their pets. But it’s a great spot to pet some pups while travelling.

This cafe in Gyeongju specialises is Tiramisu (₩7,000), available in original and matcha.

For drinks, they stand out from other cafes with their signature Phoenix Latte (₩7,000). Essentially, a cross between a dirty matcha and an affogato. For a more conservative drink, you can get a cup of Latte (₩5,000) or Grapefruit Ade (₩6,500).

Misil Cafe

Location: 19 Sajeong-ro 57beon-gil
경북 경주시 사정로57번길 19
Opening hours: 10:30am-9pm

6. Olivee Cafe

Olivee Cafe - Bakery pairing cafe at Gyeongju
Its alfresco dining area is also a popular photo spot for many youngsters

Bread and pastries don’t always go best with coffee. Olivee Cafe aims to provide the best cafe experience with their complimentary bakery-pairing services. This means that for every freshly-baked bread and pastries you purchase at this hanok cafe, the staff will recommend a drink to that complements it.

Their bakery offerings include bread, basque burnt cheesecakes, choux pastries, soft serves, madeleines and financiers. Meanwhile, aside from coffee, their drinks menu extends to tea, fizzy drinks and more.

Don’t forget to snap a pic in front of their metal garage door, painted in a soothing shade of green with the word ‘Olivee’ printed on.

Olivee Cafe

Location: 7-6 Sajeong-ro, 57beon-gil
경북 경주시 사정로57번길 7-6
Opening hours: 10am-9pm

7. Gabaehyangju

Brewing coffee with an interesting traditional kettle. Photo: Gabaehyangju

A cross between hanok-style and industrial, Gabaehyangju is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of speciality coffee.

For the quality of the coffee and ambience, the prices are more than reasonable, with a Hand Drip starting from ₩5,500. But, for those who don’t take their coffee black, you can choose to order their Cafe Au Lait (₩5,500) or Cream Au Lait (₩6,000) instead. With their focus on coffee, you’ll find a smaller selection of bakes here, so we would say that this coffee house in Gyeongju is more suitable for those who really want to appreciate a good cup of joe.

Currently, Gabaehyangju is a single origin from Brazil, roasted by YM Coffee Project. It almost tastes like a chocolate bar, with prominent notes of roasted almonds and milk chocolate, which is serrated by a crisp apple acidity.


Location: 1063 Poseok-ro
경북 경주시 포석로 1063
Opening hours: 12:30-8pm
Monday: 12:30-7pm
Tuesday: Closed
Wed-Thu: 12:30-7pm
Fri-Sun: 12:30-8pm

8. Yellow Doughnut

Photo: Yellow Doughnut

What’s better than the sweet smell of freshly-baked doughnuts?

Head down to this bakery in Gyeongju to enjoy a range of doughnuts in interesting flavours. We recommend visiting early. How early? Well… you’ll see a line outside their store before the Gyeongju cafe is even opened.

Roughly ten flavours of doughnuts are prepared daily. Of which, we recommend the Fresh Milk Cream (₩3,700), with a thick layer of milk-flavoured whipped cream in the middle. For a taste of home, get your hands on their Kaya Butter (₩3,700), made with a thick slab of butter in the middle — reminiscent of the quintessential Singaporean breakfast.

Yellow Doughnut

Location: 1068 Poseok-ro, Hwangnam-dong,
경북 경주시 포석로 1089-14 옐로우도넛
Opening hours:

9. Starbucks Gyeongju Daerungwon Branch

Unique hanok Starbucks in Gyeongju, Daereungwon Branch
One of the few hanok Starbucks in Gyeongju

We get it. Most cafe-hopped would rather spend their time and money on “more interesting” local cafes instead of an international coffee chain. But what sets Gyeongju’s Starbucks apart from the rest is that it’s one of the few Starbucks that are built inside a hanok.

It’s also a great respite for those who are sightseeing in Gyeongju, as it is located just a few minutes walk from many popular tourist attractions like Woljeonggyo Bridge, Wolseong Palace Excavation Site and Gyeongju Gyo Village.

There is a similar Starbucks located near Gyeongju Express Bus Terminal, which is arguably more convenient, this branch is more popular as it is a standalone building.

Starbucks Korea

Location: 125 Cheomseong-ro, Hwangnam-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경북 경주시 첨성로 125
Opening hours: 8am-10pm

10. Yangji Coffee Shop

The famous Strawberry Souffle loaded with an addictive cream. Photo: Yangji Coffee Shop

Yangji Coffee Shop is one of the cosier cafes on the list. The indoor has a modish touch to it, with comfortable leather seats. However, diners who are looking for a more authentic ‘hanok’ experience can simply sit outdoors.

For a light bite, opt for the Strawberry Souffle (15,000) topped with cream, fresh strawberries and strawberry syrup.

Meanwhile, to go with your pancake, we recommend something equally creamy. The Yangji Cream Latte (6,000) is a cafe latte with injeolmi cream topped with injeolmi and served with a stick of mochi. Injeolmi, also known as roasted soy powder, has a nutty flavour. Diners who wants a less sweet variation, can get the Yangji Spanner (6,000), which is an americano with injeolmi cream.

Yangji Coffee Shop

Location: 7-2 Sajeong-ro 57beon-gi
경북 경주시 사정로57번길 7-2 양지다방
Opening hours: 11am-8pm

11. Caffe Beato

Espresso (4,000), served with a sugar cube on the side. Photo: Caffe Beato

Caffe Beato is a speciality coffee cafe with six single origins for diners to choose from.

Their Hand Drip starts from 5,000, which is very reasonable for its quality and ambience. There are also special coffee like Irish Coffee (₩6,000).

For dessert, Caffe Beato offers Tiramisu (₩4,000), Cheesecake (₩4,000) and Brownie Cubes (₩4,000).

Caffe Beato

Location: 3 Jungang-ro 36beon-gil
경북 경주시 중앙로36번길 3
Opening hours: 11am-10pm

12. Roastery Donggyeong

View of Tokyo Roastery from its rooftop, an ideal spot for catching the sunrise

Also known as Tokyo Roastery, this cafe has a beautiful outdoor dining area that is inspired by a Japanese zen garden.

For drinks, they offer hand drip coffee, but they are famous for their Einspener (5,500).

For light bites, Roastery Donggyeong serves Financiers (2,800). But we recommend giving their bakes a miss as the financiers were too hard and dry..

Roastery Donggyeong

Location: 11 Sajeong-ro 57beon-gil
경북 경주시 사정로57번길 11
Opening hours: 11am-8pm

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