A combination of free-flow eggs and forbidding reservations conjures a snaking queue outside Hamburg Steak Keisuke. Although, being part of the Keisuke household did do it some favors as well. Located at Tanjong Pagar, this branch of the Japanese cuisine conglomerate specializes in Hamburg, a type of yoshuku, essentially Western-Japanese cuisine. This particular one was inspired by Germans in the 1800s.

Prices start from $18.8 for their Keisuke Prime Beef Hamburg Steak Set that comes with a sizzling plump fist-sized Hamburg steak, a bowl of short-grain rice, Ebi-fry and salad. The patty is endowed with a golden sear whilst retaining its tender and juicy interior.

For the sauce, choose between the Original Sauce, Teriyaki Mayonaisse, Demiglaze Sauce and Oroshi Ponzu.

Add on $2 for a oozy, melty cheese filling- a combination of cheddar, mozzarella and parmesan- in the patty. 

Free flow eggs

At no additional cost, the omelette bar dishes out four types of eggs: scrambled, sunny side up, tamagoyaki and omelette. The scrambled is very creamy and relatively sweet which got too decadent for me after a few portions. If you want something less heavy, opt for the tamagoyaki or omelette. Not sure if the same egg batter is used but those two tasted less creamy to me.

End the meal with a bowl of Coffee Jelly. It’s not like your mediocre coffee desserts that are creamy and artificial. Instead, it possessed the emphatic espresso kick and astringency you’d expect from an actual cup of coffee.


It’s a pretty worth-it set for $18++ , especially with free-flow salad and omelette bar. Not that I would queue 1 hour for it though. Just come before 6:45pm on a weekday.

Location: 72 Peck Seah St, Singapore 079329
+65 6908 4348
Opening hours: 11am- 8pm


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