Heaven's Official Blessing themed food Maple Forest Chicken Yakisoba

Fans of Heaven’s Official Blessing can look forward to an immersive dining experience at ANIPLUS Cafe, a rotational themed cafe and anime store at Esplanade Mall.

The animated series was adapted from a Chinese novel, and was recently produced by Bilibili, Southeast Asia’s leading animation video platform.

You’ll first be greeted by life-size cutouts by Xielian and Huacheng, the main characters. At the other end of the cafe, you can find decors inspired by Heaven’s Official Blessing, along with a large screen that plays snippets the series. Official merchandise are also available at the back corner of the shop.

Chinese food inspired by the show

The mains are inspired by iconic moments or symbols from the Chinese anime. For instance, the Ruo Ye Rice Noodles ($15.9) represents Xielian’s white silk bandage.

Meanwhile, Xielian’s Special Sauce with Mantou ($15.9) was recreated to match the recipe from the story. Warm, comforting, slightly crispy on the outside. Its downside was it was too dense, but it was still enjoyable. The special sauce was sweet and spicy, reminiscent of chili crab.

For a more filling meal, we recommend the following dishes.

The Maple Forest Chicken Yakisoba ($15.9) was fried in an umami soy sauce mixture, and paired with iceberg lettuce and fried chicken. It’s surprising how crispy the chicken remained, even though it was smothered with noodles.

Nanfeng & Fuyao’s Chicken Katsu Rice ($15.9) was accompanied by a fluffy omelette. Just like the yakisoba, the chicken katsu was perfectly fried, and paired with sweet and sour sauce.

Huacheng (left)- a tangy mixed fruits drink. Wind Master & Earth Master (right)- mint chocolate chip frappe

ANIPLUS Cafe has also curated colourful drinks inspired by the colour scheme of characters: Xielian ($7.9), Huacheng ($7.9), Wind Master & Earth Master ($7.9) and Lingwen ($7.9).

For desserts, the Crown Prince who Pleased the Gods ($13.9) is a strawberry cheesecake with vanilla ice cream, speculoos crumble, and freeze-dried strawberries. The cheesecake leans towards the mushier side, but it pairs well with the crumble that’s served on the side.

Meanwhile, the Crimson Rain Sought Flower ($13.9) was a red velvet lava cake. While insides were moist, the cake could’ve been a lot gooier, as lava cakes should be. It’s also a lot sweeter than average, which is perfect for those who have a sweet tooth.

Every dish is accompanied with a free Heaven’s Official Blessing merchandise.

This collaboration runs from now till 18 August.

Location: 8 Raffles Ave, #01-13C, Singapore 039802
Tel: +65 6815 0011
Opening hours:

*This article is written in collaboration with ANIPLUS Cafe and Bilibili, but all opinions are of my own

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