Translating to ‘red pot’ in Chinese, HONGUO serves authentic Yunnan cuisine at Bugis Junction and Nex.

They specialise in Cross Bridge Vermicelli. This iconic Yunnan dish was inspired by the story of a virtuous scholar and his wife. As the imperial examinations neared, he isolated himself on an island to focus on his studies. His wife would cross a bridge to deliver meals to him. But she was distraught, as the long journey turned the meal chilly. The only dish that remained warm was a pot of chicken broth, due to the layer of fats on the surface. Since then, she would add a variety of nutritious ingredients to chicken soup, giving birth to the famous noodle dish.

At HONGUO, the soup came boiling hot. While it tasted comforting on its own, the red bowl of soup was served with an assortment of ingredients and par-cooked vermicelli.

Throw in all- or any ingredients- that you’d like in the soup to enhance its flavour. HONGUO recommends putting in the seafood, meat and quail eggs as they take a longer time to cook. Add the noodles at the end to prevent them from being soggy.

The price of the noodles ranges from $9.2 to $11.2, with the options of 9, 13, and 16 ingredients.

For its price, the portion was huge and it tasted great. The soup was warm and hearty and the noodles were smooth and had a bouncy texture.

Another dish we recommend is the Pork Chop Olive Kai Lan Fried Rice ($11.8), which had tender pork chops and fragrant rice.

Side dishes

For sides, we thought fattiness and light tang of the Spicy Sliced Pork Belly Salad ($8.5) paired well with the lighter flavours of the vermicelli.

Additionally, you have to order the Pumpkin Fries with Salted Egg Yolk ($8.5). We’re not sure if it was supposed to have a crispy exterior, like the word fries suggested. It felt more like pumpkin puree with salted egg yolk sauce on top. But, the combination of the natural sweetness from the pumpkin paired so well with the umami flavours of the sauce.

Location: 200 Victoria Street #B1-06 Bugis Junction, 188021
Tel: +65 6884 4717
Opening hours: 11am-10pm


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