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Imagine your favourite childhood drinks- milo dinosaur and sour plum- but alcoholic. Hopscotch is home of local-themed craft cocktails.

Local-themed cocktails

Balance does not exist in their Milo Medley ($23). Comprised of milo, vanilla syrup, ice-cream and butterscotch schnapps, the bursts of sweetness is sure to trigger scenes from your childhood when you sneaked another scoop of milo powder in your already-saturated drink.

Modern themes are also incorporated in Hopscotch’s repertoire. Garden City Sling ($24) is inspired Gardens By The Bay, with a cocktail glass perched atop a flower dome. When served, water is poured into the dome to trigger the dry ice, creating an enchanting misty effect.

To match the nature theme, the green concoction features melon, white grape and peach, resulting in sour candy-like flavour. Take a whiff and you might even notice the fragrance of orchids, the national flower of Singapore.

Other Instagrammable drinks include Eight Treasures Negroni ($24), served in goblets that were reserved for Chinese emperors, Happy Ending ($23), served in a Chinese ceramic soup bowl, and Tipsy Nyonya ($24), inspired by kueh salat, a Malaysian cake flavoured with glutinous rice and coconut.

The Tipsy Nyonya, alongside some other dishes, are exclusive to Hopscotch’s Gillman Barrack branch. Their other branch is located at The Capitol.

Mains and sharing dishes

A great complement to dry alcohol, Hopscotch’s Sticky Pork Cheeks ($13) are fatty and melt-in-your-mouth, glazed with a sweet barbecue sauce.

The Stuffed Portobello ($14) had a nice smoky aroma from dry-searing. It was topped with more mushrooms and elevated with truffle paste, garlic butter and cheese. It tasted good, but perhaps a little pricey for two pieces of mushroom.

Baba Porchetta ($25) stuffed with mushroom ragout, onion and water chestnut and slow baked with house spice blend. This is a mix of cracking pork with the form of a chicken roulade, as the ingredients are nicely rolled and encased in the meat.

The skin, supposedly crispy and airy, was diffficult to cut and bite through. But other than its tough hide, the interior remained juicy with a nice flavour from the fillings and spice.

The porchetta is exclusive to the Capitol branch.

Meanwhile, mains for self-indulgence, such as the Buttermilk Cereal Prawn Burger ($22), Signature Wagyu Burger ($24) and Wagyu Meatball Marinana Linguine ($19) are also available.

Location: 45 Malan Rd, Singapore 109455
Tel: +65 6339 0633
Opening hours: 5- 10:30pm

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