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Who says you can’t have dessert for lunch and dinner?

Located at GR.ID, House On The Moon specialises in dessert-dining, combining culinary savoir faire with pastry-making techniques to create unique dishes.

Affordable dessert fine-dining

Helmed by chef Hüseyin Turan, prodigee of multi-Michelin starred chef Juan Amador, the dishes are centered around balance. While it is a dessert-centric course meal, savoury elements are gracefully weaved in and natural sugars are used to prevent a sugar crash at the end of the meal.

The Full Moon ($68), the most premium course on their menu, starts off with two bite-sized snacks of the day.

Both snacks competed for dominance. The black puff was filled with herbs-infused guacamole while the rice cracker was topped with a zesty tuna tartare.

However, it wasn’t enough to distract us from the performance that unfolded in front of us, as the chefs dexterously plated our next dish.

Cauliflower Couscous- Almond, Parsley, Tangerine

This eden-looking dish starred cauliflower, served in couscous and pudding forms, with a drizzle of coriander oil. These earthy flavours were complemented by the sourdough crisp on top and balanced by a cold and tangy tangerine sorbet.

With an additional $9, you can replace the sorbet with a seared scallop. However, while it was perfectly seared, it tipped the balance between sweet and savoury.

Shallot Curd- Pumpernickle, Hazelnut, Tarragon

The next dish featured hazelnuts, moulded into a pudding, dusted in gold and infused into airy foam. The nutty, chocolatey flavours were counteracted by a layer of pumpernickel- a German sweet rye bread- and shallots.

To prepare us second half of the course, which gradually increases in sweetness, the chefs served us an elixir of mushroom, sesame and ginger.

The next dishes were semolina dumplings on diced mangos and strawberry mousse with buttercream, tarragon oil and strawberry basil kombucha granita.

Blue Moon- Carrot, Sour Cream, Coriander

Our course ended with Blue Moon, which featured carrots as a dessert.

Carrots are typically used in savoury dishes. However, when cooked with the right technique, it develops warm, comforting waves of sweetness. The carrots, dehydrated, pureed and juiced, were complemented by sour cream ice cream and coriander oil for a touch of tang and saltiness.

You can replace the Blue Moon with one of their a la carte Desserts, such as their Black Forest, which is a deconstructed version of the cherry-chocolate cake.


$68 is definitely a steal for the food served and experience. Not to mention, House On The Moon is a great place for a date or a celebration.

Location: 1 Selegie Rd, Singapore 188306
Tel: +65 8280 4327
Opening hours: 
Monday: Closed
Tue- Sun: 12- 3pm; 6:30- 9:30pm

*This article is written in collaboration with House On The Moon

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