There are a few basic things to look out for when you are searching for an Interior Designer. Given the vast number of companies in the market, it can be a major headache. The rush and excitement after collecting the keys to your BTO or Resale flat might be whittled down by the process. As nerve-wracking as it seems, going through the process of a house renovation can be an easy feat if you plan it properly beforehand. Here are some factors to consider when you are choosing an Interior Design company to handle your home renovation.


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Price is likely a priority for most Singaporeans unless you have plenty of money to spare. Before you decide on an Interior Designer, try to have a rough budget in mind. This will allow you to easily narrow down your choices based on the quotation. If you’re clueless about the ‘market rate’ that you should be paying, check out the tip below.

Tip #1: List down the items that you are planning to include in your renovation and mass send it to the IDs you are interested in. After receiving a few quotations, you’ll get a better idea of the overall prices.


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Reviews and credibility is very important these days, as it determines whether the company is reliable and trusted. While many renovation companies do not have a review section on their Facebook page, you can easily do a quick search on Google to see if there are any bad reviews online. 1-2 negative reviews is pretty common, but if you start seeing a bunch of complaints, you might wish to reconsider your options!

Tip #2: Join some home renovation community groups on FB and ask for some opinions!


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Some portfolios have really fanciful designs that capture your attention. However, instead of making your decision based on a very specific design, the best way to go about it is to scan through their portfolio to see if the style is something you prefer. This may not be a priority for some if you already have a very clear idea of what you want.

Tip #3: Search for some design inspiration ideas online before meeting an Interior Designer.


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An Interior Designer’s response says a lot about their work efficiency. During the enquiry process, is he/she very responsive and enthusiastic in answering your doubts? How long did he/she take to send you the proposal? While a person’s efficiency may not necessary reflect on their quality of work, you’ll probably not want to get into a situation where you’ll have to constantly chase them for their replies.


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“Clicking well” with your ID is really important, sometimes you just have to depend on your instinct. It may not be the most accurate factor, but you certainly need to at least have a rather decent impression of the person you’ll be working with for the next couple of months.

Customer Service

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Did your Interior Designer go out of the way to answer your questions? Was he polite and friendly? Customer service is important; you won’t want to deal with someone who is less than enthusiastic in helping out with your house design. But remember not to be over demanding in your requests too!

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Hopefully, this basic renovation guide will give you an idea of selecting your preferred Interior Designer during the home renovation process! It’s not exactly the most relaxing thing to do, but if you have picked the right one, your life would be a lot easier!

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