Matcha°2 Gelato at Hvala CHIJMES

When you ask for a recommendation for matcha desserts and drinks, you’ll definitely hear the same few names: Matchaya, Tsujiri and definitely Hvala.

Aesthetic at Hvala. Source: Hvala
Source: Hvala

Before diving into Hvala’s menu, we can all agree that she wins in terms of beauty. Heavy with Japanese tones, yet retaining a modern minimalistic quality, there is simply no competition with all her branches: Somerset, CHIJMES, Chinatown and her newest outlet at Tanjong Pagar.

Out of all their items on the menu, the only item that left an impression was their Kaze Straight Matcha ($8.8). Pure matcha with no milk and sugar to fully appreciate the intense vegetal notes of their ceremonial grade matcha christened ‘Kaze’- Japanese for ‘wind’. It truly was one the grassiest matcha I’ve had, bringing powerful imagery of sprinting across a large field on a windy day.

I’ve heard positive comments about Hvala’s gelato. The Matcha°2 Gelato (S$6.8) was decent, but perhaps their Matcha°3 ($7.8) would’ve been a better choice for a stronger intensity. But, I did notice its steep price for one scoop of gelato. Perhaps its due to the fact that it’s vegan-friendly, but since I’m not, I’d take my money to Tsujiri for matcha ice cream instead.

For aesthetics, go for the Petit Gateau. We got the Genmaicha Petit Gateau ($8.8) that’s mainly genmaicha mouse, with a thin layer of sponge at the bottom and a small Azuki filling. I would’ve preferred a stronger genmaicha flavour because the overall flavour profile kept reminding me of a light caramel. It was also quite decadent so I’d recommend sharing this.

I’ve also tried Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut Cake ($8.8) which was completely devoid of flavour and Tiramisu ($8.8) which was decent.


Hvala might not have impressed me with her desserts, but I was easily won over by her decors (sorry, I’m superficial). I’d recommend getting matcha drinks. But, splurge a little on the ceremonial grade ones instead. Those are the ones that set Hvala from all the other cafes that sell regular matcha lattes.

Location: 111 Somerset Rd, #01-10, Singapore 238164
Opening hours:
12pm- 9:30pm

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