When it comes to go-karting in Singapore, the usual picks are the tracks at Kranji or Expo, and for those willing to invest time and money, the RUD Karting circuit in Johor Bahru. However, a fresh contender has entered the scene, reshaping the go-karting experience right here in town.

HyperDrive, located at The Palawan @ Sentosa, is Asia’s pioneering indoor gamified electric Go-Kart circuit.

Photo: The Palawan @ Sentosa.

What’s the difference?

Imagine real-life racing mixed with the strategy of virtual gaming. Racers can gather “weapons” and “boosters” to outmaneuver their rivals. Prepare to unleash special powers like “Missle!”, which momentarily slows down the target in front of you, and “Boost!”, which propels you ahead with a burst of speed. It’s basically Mario Kart! This exhilarating experience unfolds on a three-level racetrack boasting 308 metres of straightaways and 14 electrifying turns.

Get ready to gear up and get behind the wheels of their cutting-edge electric go-karts. The go-karts at HyperDrive boasts top-of-the-line engines, ergonomic seat designs, and professional-grade steering wheels. With a choice of the Junior Kart, Senior Kart, Dual Karts, HyperDrive ensures that no one is left out of the race.

Photo: The Palawan @ Sentosa.

After dominating the tracks, reward yourself with a treat. HyperDrive Cafe serves up their indulgent SweetStacks pancakes.

Exclusive prizes during Formula 1 season

In conjunction with the upcoming Formula 1 Singapore, go-kart players can compete with one another to win an exclusive opportunity — a tour of the Red Bull Racing Garage at the F1 Pit Building during race weekend. From 25 August to 10 September, simply clock in your fastest laps, and the top eight participants will qualify for the final showdown on 13 September to win the grand prize. Runner-ups will win Red Bull Racing merchandise.


Location: 54 Palawan Beach Walk, 098233
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 12:30-9pm
Sat-Sun: 10am-9pm

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