Korean-inspired cafe dishes at Indulgence by Roxey, cafe at Kembangan

Indulgence by Roxey is the latest addition to Telok Kurau’s cafe scene, where Cafe de Nicole’s Flower, Simplicité by FFL and The Garden Slug are located.

The pink neon sign on the second floor hints at their menu. But while Korean is the correct guess, Indonesian flavours are injected into the dishes as well.

The Orient ($30) is a mish-mash of cultures. The braised pork belly is inspired by Bossam, a Korean dish, the crispy pork belly is roasted Indonesian style, and the gyozas- dumplings- originate from Japan. The dish is also served with Thai sweet chilli sauce and achar, Indian pickles.

Neapolitan and New Haven styled pizzas

Indulgence by Roxey hand makes their pizza dough daily. Their recipe is supposed to produce a thin crust with a chewy mouthfeel, as mentioned in their Facebook post. However, their newest recipes- Blue Surf and Prosperity- felt more like bread.

Blue Surf, dyed with butterfly pea flower, consists of shrimp, ham, pineapple and mozzarella cheese.

Meanwhile, Prosperity, dyed with beetroot juice, is their latest Chinese New Year exclusive. Essentially, it is a Hawaiian pizza that uses bak kwa instead of ham.

We don’t know if their regular pizzas share the same texture. Perhaps they did not account for they extra hydration caused by the natural dyes, which might be responsible for the bread-like texture.

Ironically, the pizzas also reminded us of the dyed buns from Muyoo– a Taiwanese bubble tea store cum bakery. 

Bottomless brunch

Indulgence by Roxey is one of the few uncommon places in Singapore that serves alcohol with brunch. Skip their draft beers and wine and dive straight into their cocktails, which are designed for the low-tolerance. You wouldn’t want to get drunk in the day anyway.

Oppa Saranghaeyo ($33) is a watermelon soju bomb served in the fruit. Meanwhile, Pina Colada ($16) is served in a coconut. Both are great for sharing, and a stunning photo for an Instagram story update.

Aside from coffee and pastries, the Chili Crab Shakshuka ($12) is also part of their brunch menu.

It lacks the distinct sweetness the local delicacy possess, but it emanates a warm and gentle spice that will be comforting on a rainy morning.

Location: 212 Telok Kurau Road, #01-218, Bright Centre, Singapore 423835
Opening hours:
Mon- Sat: 10am- 10:30pm
Sunday: 9am- 9pm

*This article is written in collaboration with Indulgence by Roxey

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