Joy Luck Teahouse Set A - Bolo Bun with butter, Hot Milk Tea, Egg Tart with Cookie Crust

Branding yourself as ‘authentic Hong Kong taste’ requires lots of guts. Joy Luck Teahouse serves egg tarts, pineapple buns and milk tea, the triumvirate of Hong Kong cafe- also known as cha can teng– food.

The sea of poor reviews on Google should’ve been a good enough warning, but I wanted to give them a chance. Being born into a Hong Kong family, the ability to discern authentic Hong Kong food from posers is one of my biggest pride (not really).

I went for their Set A (S$6.9) which included a Cookie Crust Egg Tart, Bolo Bun and Milk Tea. It was strange how they rejected my request for the Flaky Crust Egg Tart instead considering they were the same price.

Nonetheless, I placed my order, which led to the first red flag. They didn’t toast my bun and egg tart.

Let’s start with the bun. The crust is the determining factor of a good bolo bun. Not only was it completely soggy, but it was also one of the toughest and driest buns I’ve had.

Another issue that comes with not toasting their buns was that there was nothing to warm up the ice-cold butter. There was a loss of flavour and biting into rock hard butter isn’t the most pleasant culinary experience, trust me.

Egg tarts are hard to get right. The only place that sells the perfect egg tarts is Honolulu Cafe, Crystal Jade Palace and Tung Lok Signature. Authentic hong kong egg tarts should have a flaky crust, but I shoved that biased opinion aside before taking my first bite. Soggy, was the only word to describe it.

The milk tea was decent but I would prefer having the option of adding in my own sugar because I thought it was too sweet. The intensity of the tea could be stronger too.


I entered their store with very low expectations and it’s surprising how they could still disappoint me with subpar standards. Perhaps toasting the egg tarts could salvage the soggy crusts, but their pineapple buns were beyond redemption.

Location: 68 Orchard Rd, #B2-26, Singapore 238839
Tel: +65 9658 8677
Opening hours: 9am- 10pm

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