Beef Lasagna from June's Breath Cafe

Nanyang Technological University (NTU) students, take a breather from finals and head down to Lee Kong Chian (LKC) Experimental Medicine Building.

June’s Breath Cafe, has recently opened on level three of the building, serving affordable cafe food.

Run by a lovely couple, June’s breath offers traditional kaya toast sets and puff pastries for breakfast from 8 to 11 am. Meanwhile, their lunch menu rotates daily.

Beef Lasagna from June's Breath Cafe

Thursday’s Beef Lasagna came in a generous portion for $6.5, layered with pasta sheets, minced beef, béchamel, tomato sauce and cheese. While the texture of the pasta and cheese may not be the most ideal, since it was microwaved, the dish exceeded expectations.

It was affordable, filling and the flavours were great for what you’re paying.

The lasagna is also available with chicken or vegetarian.


June’s Breath Cafe does not have a kitchen which is why they have no choice but to microwave their food. But honestly, the lasagna tasted great.

Not to mention, the ambience there is just immaculate. High ceilings, large floor-to-ceiling windows and art installations planted around the outskirts of the cafe.

Location: 59 Nanyang Dr, Lee Kong Chian (LKC) Experimental Medicine Building, level 3
Opening hours: 8am- 5pm (closed on weekends)

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