Milk Latte with Proton Mango

“Kebuke?” This Taiwanese bubble tea store translates to “are you thirsty” in Chinese.

If you’ve been to Taiwan, you must be familiar with Kebuke, with over 200 outlets sprawled across the country. Well, they’ve finally opened their first outpost in Singapore.

Kebuke Singapore’s first outlet is located at Taste Orchard, with five new drinks exclusive to Singapore’s menu.

To commemorate their grand opening, Kebuke has launched four promotions from 8 to 21 June 2024.

Kebuke Singapore promotions

Our honest review of Kebuke Singapore

We’ve had a sip of Kebuke during our Taiwan trip many years ago, so we’re curious to see how its Singapore outpost fares.

From past experience with other tea brands, we notice that even when the same tea leaves are supposedly used in overseas outlets — Kebuke Singapore imports high mountain tea leaves that its Taiwanese counterparts use — the drinks tend to be less fragrant.

So how does Kebuke Singapore stand against the original outlets?

Kebuke menu

Kebuke Singapore menu

Kebuke Singapore’s menu is 80% similar to Taiwan, with the exception of the five new drinks. All tea is brewed from high mountain tea leaves, just like the stores in Taiwan.

Singapore-exclusive drinks — worth the hype?

Kebuke Proton Fruit series

Jasmine Green Tea with Proton Strawberry
Jasmine Green Tea with Proton Strawberry

If you’re the type of person that takes five hours to finish their bubble tea, you’ll be delighted with this one.

Exclusive to Kebuke Singapore’s menu only, the Proton fruit series features ice cubes that are made out of fruits, so you don’t have to worry about your drink getting diluted.

We tried their Jasmine Green Tea with Proton Strawberry ($5.8 for M, $6.4 for L) and Milk Latte with Proton Mango ($6.3 for M, $6.9 for L). For both drinks, you can add $1 for Agar Pearls.

I took three hours to finish my drink, and it really only diluted a little. The fruity ice cubes did wonders.

In terms of flavours, the fruit teas were sweeter and fruitier, which is very different from the more tea-forward fruit teas from Hi Tea or Partea.

Meanwhile, the Agar Pearls were soft and slightly crunchy. Think Gong Cha’s White Pearls.

Biscoff Black Tea Latte

Black Tea Biscoff Latte
Black Tea Biscoff Latte

If you want something creamier and more indulgent, we recommend the Biscoff Black Tea Latte ($5.6 for M).

As mentioned earlier, Kebuke uses premium high mountain tea leaves, and this was extra fragrant. The astringency worked well with the creamy and sweet biscoff butter.

In addition to the Biscoff Black Tea Latte, you can also try the Rice Oolong Tea ($3.2 for M, $4.2 for L) and Rice Oolong Milk Tea ($4.7 for M, $5.4 for L). Both drinks are exclusive to Singapore and Hong Kong outlets.

Instead of a nutty toasted rice flavour I would expect, the Rice Oolong Tea tasted more like a Kung Fu tea, with a bitter aftertaste.

Meanwhile, the Rice Oolong Milk Tea was extra creamy. Not sure if they added any cream, but it sure did taste like it.

Rice Oolong Milk Tea
Rice Oolong Milk Tea

Our verdict

So what’s our honest review of Kebuke?

The fruit teas were a little too fruity for my liking. Personally, I would’ve preferred something more balanced and less sweet. But if you have a sweet tooth, you’d definitely love this as a after-meal dessert drink, or a midday perk-me-up.

Ironically, the Biscoff Black Tea Latte was not as sweet as expected. Perhaps it’s because the biscoff butter is all slathered to the sides of the cup and does not mix well into the drink naturally.

So, how did the tea fare in comparison to Taiwan’s outlets. As we only tried the Singapore-exclusive drinks, we don’t have a 1-to-1 comparison with any of the drinks we tried in Taiwan. However, my colleague also really appreciated the fragrance and astringency of the Rice Oolong Tea. Definitely more aromatic and complex than your average bubble tea stores in Singapore.

Kebuke Singapore store at Taste Orchard

The outlet at Taste Orchard has about ten seats. The seats are not the most comfortable as it’s literally just a plain wooden bench with a small table. But, if you’re in need for a spot to catch up on work, and you don’t feel like heading to the usual spots like Starbucks, this is also a great alternative.

I also appreciate how some seats have charging ports for your laptops and phones.

Kebuke Singapore

Location: Taste Orchard, 160 Orchard Rd, #01-11/12, Singapore 238842
Opening hours: 11am-10pm

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