Lovers of Korean cuisine or home cooks might be familiar with Hangkuk Kitchen, the biggest Korean food manufacturer in Singapore, serving pre-cooked meals and Korean cooking ingredients. Their mission is to connect people through food as they share interesting stories over a hearty meal. Kimchi Xpress, founded by the same team, provides the same experiences without having to mess up your own kitchen.

The brainchild of Hangkuk Kitchen is located at Suntec City’s Big Appetite Food Court, beside Cow Play Cow Moo.

Authentic Korean Food

flatay of authentic korean food. pork ribs kimchi stew with white rice and diy bibimbap with beef bulgogi, beansprouts, kimchi and potato

The menu revolves around two items: DIY Bibimbap and Stews.

The DIY Bibimbap comes in 2 sizes: Regular (S$7.9) which comes with 1 staple, 1 meat and 2 vegetables and Supreme (S$8.9) which has 1 additional vegetable. You can also choose to add on meat with a small top-up of S$1- $2.

Kimchi Xpress diy bibimbap with beef bulgogi, beansprouts, kimchi and potato

I chose bulgogi beef, kimchi, potatoes and bean sprouts. The beef had just the right amount of flavour. Not too sweet, not overly salty, and it was tender as heck, with liquid gold seeping out of the marbled surface. Also, beansprouts was a marvellous decision. They were crunchy, fresh and a little spicy. On the other hand, the kimchi was too tangy and it was lacking the ‘fermented’ flavour.

Kimchi pork ribs stew with white rice

Moving on to the stew. The available options are, of course, the classic Army Stew (S$26), Ginseng Chicken (S$9.9) and Kimchi Pork Belly (S$8.9). I went with the Kimchi Pork Ribs (S$12.9).

Just like the Bibimbap, the stew comes in a pre-heated traditional stone pot that was tormented by the blazing stovetop. It took minutes before the stew finally stopped bubbling in the cauldron. And can I just say that steamy, hot food is just the perfect, wholesome meal to end the day.

kimchi pork ribs stew with white rice, pork ribs

I was also delightfully greeted by not one, not two, but three whole pieces of pork ribs that had a perfect ratio of fats to lean meat, resulting in a tender, juicy bite. The large portion of scallions also balanced the richness of the broth.


The food might come across as a little overpriced at first glance, but they were honestly reasonable and you would probably agree once you get a taste. It also helps that this food court was relatively clean and spacious, and also not too crowded during lunch.

Location: 3 Temasek Blvd, Suntec City, Mall, #03-367/368 369/370, Singapore 038983
Opening hours: 10am- 10pm


*This article is written in collaboration with Kimchi Xpress

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