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You may have seen this grape toast trending on Instagram. Or to be specific, the Grape & Ricotta Matcha Brioche at Kream & Kensho. A quaint cafe at Outram Park, Kream & Kensho’s menu puts a twist on your classic cafe food, introducing oriental flavours to the palate.

The almighty Grape Toast?

The Grape & Ricotta Matcha Brioche exceeded my expectations of it being Kream and Kensho’s trophy wife. It has a ricotta spread that leans towards the creamier side, with a touch of goat cheese (I think). It complements well with the eggy, rich brioche and mild sweetness of the jades that sit atop, its sheen enhanced by the drizzle of honey. It’s really more than just a pretty face.

The addition of matcha powder did little to enhance the dish. Not because of the clashing flavours or whatsoever, but because it was barely detectable. That wasn’t an issue though. On the other hand, the lavender added a nice gentle perfume to the dish. One you didn’t think was necessary until you’ve experienced it.

And it certainly didn’t help that their other dishes pull you in just as much, and maybe even a little more.

Japanese-inspired Dishes

The classic Mushroom Toast featured creamy scrambled eggs and an earthy chestnut that balanced the rich, umami flavours of the beautifully sauteed mushrooms. They did wonders with the mushrooms, adding layers of complex ‘Japanese’ flavours; maybe with a dash of soy sauce and a touch of mirin. I can’t be too sure. The heavier flavours were also counterbalanced by the freshness of green onions.

Meanwhile, their Sakura Ebi Capellini displayed a heated rivalry between savoury and spice. The flavours might be a little too heavy for those with a lighter palate. But my only complaint was that I didn’t get enough of it.

Beef Cheeseburger - Wagyu patty with kombu wakame mayo

One of the best burgers in Singapore, the Beef Cheeseburger (S$20) featured a 180g wagyu patty dressed in a kombu wakame mayo. Of course, the patty was flavourful and tender, with a nice crispy sear and surprisingly, with a tinge of red on the interior. The buns were also fluffy. But, the star of the burger was the sauce. The kombu wakame mayo was robust and umami and took the burger to new heights. But, for the price I’m paying, I do wish they could be more generous with the sauce.

Yuzu Matcha

Hot Yuzu Matcha from Kream & Kensho

Other than coffee that uses 22 Martin by CMCR, Kream & Kensho has their list of Signature drinks that are worth a mention, such as the Pumpkin Chai Latte (S$6.5) and Yuzu Matcha (S$6.5). The yuzu matcha brought an end to basic matcha lattes and was one of the best matcha drinks I’ve had. It had a tangy base note conjured by a spoonful of yuzu jam, which tartness was curbed by the earthiness of the matcha powder. Yuzu and matcha are combinations I never saw coming, but it worked out perfectly, perhaps due to the synchronization of the astringency in both elements.


If you’ve read my entire post, you should already have a guess at what my verdict is. Kream & Kensho did not fail to impress. And hopefully, their other dishes will rank just as high in my heart. A reservation at Kream & Kensho is recommended as we had to wait roughly 45 minutes for our table on a Saturday afternoon. This cafe is bustling for a reason, and you’ll know why on your visit!

Location: 35 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169355
Opening hours: 9am- 6pm (closed on Mondays)

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