Kukuna Hotel public resting area with view of mount fuji in fujikawaguchiko

How much would you pay for a hotel with an unparalleled view of Mount Fuji? We paid close to ¥35,000 (S$350) per person to find out.

Kukuna, one of the most expensive hotels in Fujikawaguchiko, near Lake Kawaguchiko, boasts an obstructed view of Mount Fuji from the hotel rooms and onsen. 

Hotel room with view of Mount Fuji
Our view from the room’s balcony

Our honest review of Kukuna hotel

If you’re about to fork out ¥35,000 per person for your Japan trip, you’re definitely going to want to know if Kukuna hotel is worth its price. 

Personally, if you have enough money, go for it. However, if you’re on a more budget trip, you’re not missing out by staying at a more affordable hotel in Fujikawaguchiko, or even in the next city.

Hence, let’s break it down into the following categories: room, onsen, food, and service.

Hotel room with a clear view of Mount Fuji

Kukuna Hotel review - bedroom with twin beds

While the lobby was designed with sophistication and elegance in mind, the room was furnished in a zen, modern and Japandi aesthetic.

The best part is of course the view, which can be clearly seen from the balcony.

We’re not sure about the other rooms. But for our two rooms — 408 and 407 —  you can also view Mount Fuji from the bed.

However, the design of the bed was not very smart. Pushing two single beds together doesn’t make sense at all. If you’re a couple who are planning to sleep together, there’ll be a gap in the middle. Alternatively, if you’re just friends — without benefits — you’d want the beds to be separate. Granted, this saves space. But, not all customers will appreciate it.

Kukuna hotel review - sofa area with view of mount fuji

For the workaholics who can’t peel their fingers off their laptops. Don’t worry. You can always use the dressing table despite the cramped space. 

Mount Fuji-view onsen 

Without a doubt, the view of Mount Fuji at the onsen was amazing. Completely unblocked, and you get to enjoy it while soaking in a nice hot bath.

However, aside from the picturesque view, don’t expect the onsen to be that great. In short, it’s a modern onsen.

No woody and stone furnishings, and there was only that one bath. 

View of Mount Fuji at the onsen's outdoor lounge area
Don’t forget to try their iced barley tea made with Mount Fuji water

While some may prefer it, the outdoor bath temperature was set to a lower temperature — I’m estimating 37 degrees celsius — for customers to soak longer. However, that also means that you won’t have a very enjoyable outdoor baths. 

After your baths, enjoy a cooling iced barley tea steeped in Fuji Water.

Food at Kukuna 

Like many onsen hotels in Japan, Kukuna’s prices include dinner and breakfast. 

For dinner, you can choose between Italian-fusion and teppanyaki. Italian fusion comes with a buffet spread.

Aji grilling station. Food at Kukuna Hotel
Buffet spread includes a station to grill your own sweet fish!

The Italian 3-course meal was alright — with an appetiser spread, white corn soup, and choice of mains of steak, grilled pork and fish and scallops.

Of the three, the steak was the best, but not by a long shot. It still had some chew to it, and the sauce was a bit too salty. 

In comparison, the breakfast fared better. While the buffet spread was considerably small, the live French Toast and Omelette stations, as well as their fluffy assorted bread, compensated.

In general, the food was slightly above average.

Our verdict

Lobby of Kukuna hotel
Enjoy a glass of iced honey water while the staff checks in for you

So what’s our honest review of Kukuna?

What you’re paying for at this hotel in Fujikawaguchiko is really just the view of Mount Fuji. There are cheaper alternatives, such as Koraku Onyado Fujiginkei — where you can still see Mount Fuji from the onsen, but not from the rooms. Or, simply leave your luggage at a 24-hour coin locker and laundry shop near the lake, and head off to a different city at night. 

However, if you’re already in Kawaguchiko where you can see Mount Fuji from so many spots, there’s really no need to pay such an exorbitant price for a hotel — even if it gives you a view of Mount Fuji.

Even with the hotel’s strategic location, there’s no guarantee that Mount Fuji will be visible during your stay. The clouds completely masked the mountain on our checkout date. 


Location: 70 Azagawa, Fujikawaguchiko, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi 401-0303, Japan

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