A personality quiz that show-off your style? Count me in.

If the viral CakeResume quiz is for jobseekers, the LIKKA personality quiz is created for style-seekers. 

Created by homegrown fashion brand, LIKKA, the ice cream personality quiz is created to help you find what kind of fashion styles you rock, or what kind of style you suits you!

What ice cream flavour are you?

The template of this quiz is similar to the CakeResume quiz template. However, instead of cake, the results come in with a female character in the form of ice cream flavours.

The results include your characteristics, style, interest, lucky charm, and even a song that suits the personality. Beyond a simple personality quiz, the brand also included curated style options that you can cart out based on your results.

The personality results consist of five adorable characters which are Mango Sorbet, Strawberry Swirl, Vanilla Bean, Espresso, and Fudge Brownie.

How to take the LIKKA quiz?

  1. Check out the LIKKA website, and you will find a category of Ice-Cream Quiz that you can click on.

2. Start your adventure where you will encounter questions around the topic of daily activities and going out on a vacation. The questions include the weather, make-up style, the outfit that you pick, choice of food, movie genre, holiday destination, and more.

3. After finishing the 11 questions, you will get your personality results and sense of style, along with a link to find your matching styles from the brand’s products.

LIKKA Ice Cream Personality Quiz

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