A new personality quiz has emerged, and this one by Qanvast tells you what Magical Household Item you are.

Do you remember the girl who’s addicted to pretending to be furniture? Well, if you’ve ever wondered what household item you are, take this personality test created by Qanvast, an interior design company in Singapore.

Powered by Ooopen Lab, Qanvast’s Magical Household Item personality quiz gives you an insight on what kind of housemate you are.

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Which Magical Household Item are you?

From adorable Clapping Over Mitts to the thoughtful Empathetic Tea Cup, each Magical Household Item is imbued with a distinct personality.

The quiz results provides a summarised explanation of your personality, and a few hashtags underneath as labels of your character, such as #Practical and #Empath.

Next, you’ll find four most common habits, such as “only drinking ceremonial matcha” and “allergic to small talk”, your interior style, how great you are as a housemate in percentage form.

Lastly, you’ll be able to find out who are your top two most and least compatible personality types.

All 16 results of Magical Household Items

With 16 Magical Household Items as the quiz results, we deduced that the characters are modelled after the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Here are the MBTI avatars each Magical Household Item is modelled after.


  • Undying Plant — INTJ
  • Self Folding Laundry — INTP
  • Charismatic Poster — ENTJ
  • Paradoxical Pet Rock — ENTP


  • Clapping Oven Mitts — INFJ
  • King Cloud Lamp — INFP
  • Dreamy Pillow — ENFJ
  • Cheerful Toilet Roll — ENFP


  • Checklist Mirror — ISTJ
  • Delegating Dish Towel — ISFJ
  • Stress Relief Soap — ESTJ
  • Confetti Clock — ESFJ


  • Teaching Trash Can — ISTP
  • Empathetic Tea Cup — ISFP
  • Surprise Snack Pack — ESTP
  • Gambler’s Tile — ESFP

How to take the personality test?

Taking the Qanvast personality test is really easy.

Whether you’re just looking for something to do alone, or if you genuinely want to probe deeper into your personality type this is the perfect opportunity to take the quiz to find out what magical item you are.

1. Simply enter their website and click start to reveal 12 simple questions, each with two choices.

2. The quiz begins with the narrative of a journey. You’ll first choose which path you want to embark on. You’ll come across a dilapidated cottage with a family of talking mice. Next, you’ll come across a magical disaster, which you have to remedy with the help of magic balls and scrolls.

3. At the end of the quiz, you’ll receive your results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How accurate is Household Magical Items as a personality quiz?

There is no empirical proof to support Qanvasts’ Household Magical Items test results. Based on preliminary research, the quiz is also not backed up by any psychological research papers. However, according to friends and family, the quiz is fairly reflective in reflecting their personality traits.

Do note that personality quizzes, including the coveted Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) quiz, is generally perceived as pseudoscience by psychologists.

2. Who created the Qanvast personality test?

The quiz is created by Qanvast, an interior design and home renovation company in Singapore.

Qanvast — Magical Household Item Quiz

3. Can’t get enough of personality quizzes?

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