Omg… are all the Mellower Coffee outlets in Singapore permanently closed?

If you’ve strolled along Tanjong Pagar and Bugis, you’ll noticed that all Mellower Coffee outlets in the city are permanently closed. Mellower Coffee is one of the more popular cafes in Singapore, known for its free wifi and electrical sockets.

Mellower Coffee in Bugis has been replaced by Fame Coffee as of 2024.

What was the hype about?

You might have seen their cotton candy coffee online, but Mellower Coffee is so much more than that gimmick. They say that beauty and brains can’t co-exist but the overused maxim doesn’t apply to the food here; pleasing to the eye and even more palatable to the tongue!

The viral cotton candy coffee, also known as Sweet Little Rain

So what else is there to scream about besides their Instagrammable coffee?

A review of the food we’ve tried at Mellower Coffee

$10 for a cup of regular americano and a large cotton candy cloud hovering aloft might seem like a rip-off. But, I have to admit that the Sweet Little Rain ($9.80) was a rather satisfying visual as the cotton candy cascaded gradually into the cup.

Nonetheless, it’s still sweetened Americano at the end. So is this cotton candy coffee worth the money? You decide.


Mellower Coffee uses Arabica beans with a darker roast, rendering a nutty flavour with a relatively bitter finish.

Their Iced Latte ($6.6) is milkier than average. However, considering the roast they were using, it was quite a good compensation to the otherwise intense flavour profile of the coffee.

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Maybe it’s because I have an unbeatable lemon meringue tart recipe at home. But I’ve always been rather fussy when it comes to this citrus tart. Mellower Coffee certainly didn’t disappoint though. The tartness of the lemon curd was just right, with nice dollops of meringue to juxtapose the sourness. Most importantly, the crust had a nice airy texture. Most tarts I’ve tried generally have a harder, ‘cookie-like’ bite to it which I absolutely detest. It’s gotta be airy and light for me.


The Millefeuille Mango ($7) was a struggle to finish.

Oh, I don’t mean that it tasted bad though.

The mango filling was sweet and refreshing while the pastry was fragrant. However, the pastry sheet took herculean strength to rip apart cleanly, unless you want to cause a huge mess, which is unavoidable on the small charcoal tile it was served on.


If your caramel doesn’t taste salty, please do not name include the word ‘salted’ in the name. Forutnately, the Salted Caramel Cheese ($7) had a good balance of sweet and savoury. Although, I would’ve preferred a more crumbly texture instead of a creamy consistency this possessed.

Our verdict

Definitely one of my favourite places for a conducive working environment. The flavour profile of the coffee, nutty and intense, was right up my alley. Also, the cakes and pastries were above average.

Mellower Coffee

Location: 108 Middle Rd, Singapore 188967
Tel: +65 6255 0820
Opening hours: 8am- 10pm

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