Two dogs at Menage Cafe, pet-friendly cafe in Singapore

Menage Cafe — one of the best pet-friendly cafes in Singapore, and here’s why.

As a pet owner with an extra clingy dog who cries whenever we leave the house, dining at a pet-friendly restaurant in Singapore has become more of an obligation, rather than a choice. Unfortunately, most pet-friendly establishments are only pet-friendly outdoors, which can get really hot at times.

Hence, my go to spot is this indoor dog-friendly cafe at Sin Ming Road — Menage Cafe.

Our honest review of Menage Cafe

Honestly, aside from the air-conditioning and the large amount of other dogs to interact with, the food is the main reason why I keep coming back.

Menage Cafe’s menu includes Japanese rice bowls, Asian-inspired pasta, and all-day brunch.

Japanese rice bowls at Menage Cafe

The Unagi Don ($17.9) was beautifully plated in Japanese-style crockery. More importantly, the eel was fatty, with deep umami flavours and you’re basically getting a whole set, with salad and fruits on the side, for just $18.

Unagi Don at Menage cafe with melon, salad, and onsen egg
Our review of Menage Cafe’s Unagi Don

Mentaiko Salmon Don ($18.9) and Karaage Chicken Don ($16.9) are also available.

Underrated spot for pasta

First of all, it was really impressive that there are ten different pasta dishes on Menage Cafe’s menu list.

The mushroom sauce of the Smoked Duck Truffle Pasta ($17.9) had just the right thick gooey texture, and the fragrance of truffle is so strong that you’ll be able to detect it before it’s even served.

smoked duck truffle pasta, one of the best things to eat from menage cafe menu
Smoked Duck Truffle Pasta

The fusion dishes like the Prawn Laksa Pasta ($17.9) could be a hit or miss. In this case, it was a hit with a bang. The fragrance of the coconut milk and the aromatic spices elevated the entire dish, truly what a laksa should be like. And there’s nothing more beautiful than the ooze of the onsen egg yolk overflowing into this plate of goodness.

prawn laksa pasta
Prawn Laksa Pasta

This Tom Yam Pasta ($17.9) is a true flavour bomb. The tom yam was prominent; no second guesses on the dish flavour. Furthermore, the sauce was creamy and decadent, without being overpowering on the spices and tang.

Menage Cafe Tom Yam Pasta
Tom Yam Pasta

Who wouldn’t love an irresistible and creamy plate of Carbonara ($15.9), topped with parmesan cheese and chopped bacon? This comes with an onsen egg too, which was requested to be served separately.

carbonara pasta at sin ming road
Carbonara at Menage Cafe

Cafe at Sin Ming road with a mean all-day brunch

Meanwhile, Menage Cafe’s all-day brunch includes the basics — avocado toasts, french toasts and rostis.

The Salmon & Rosti ($19) was quite a steal, with a generous portion of pan-seared salmon, fish roe and a perfectly-cooked rosti. The salmon was a little overcooked though.

Meanwhile, the Lobster Croissant ($25), disappointed with its slightly-burnt croissant and mediocre lobster chunk.

Lastly, the Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast ($20) uses a tart and creamy guacamole, which was delectable. However, the salmon, despite its generous portion, shared a similar profile with the guacamole. While refreshing, the overall dish lacked depth.

Smoked Salmon avocado toast at this cafe at sin ming road
Smoked Salmon Avocado Toast

For a heartier dish, one of my favourite dish at Menage Cafe is the Duck Confit ($19.9). The flavours and textures are on point, especially the truffle mash and the additional hint of sweetness from the raspberry jam on the side.

duck confit, duck dish,
Amazing ‘fall off the bones texture’ a nice flavour overall.

Don’t think desserts are their strong suite, but if you want to end your meal on a sweet note, their Chocolate Molten Cake ($8.9) was decent.

There are definitely better ones but this wasn’t too bad. It comes with a choice of ice-cream but don’t expect much from it as it had an icy and gritty texture.

chocolate molten cake, lava cake, mint ice cream, dessertsMenag
Chocolate Molten Cake with mint ice cream

You’ll probably never run out of drinks to choose from with the extensive range of choices from coffee, tea to fizzy mocktails. Menage Cafe’s menu also comprises dishes that you’ll find at many popular non-pet cafes. In other words, they’re not very basic.

The Cranberry Sweetheart Tea was slightly tangy and sour while the Mango Sticky Rice Tea had a faint fruity flavour, though it didn’t really taste like mango sticky rice.

Mango Sticky Rice Tea and Cranberry Sweetheart Tea at Menage Cafe

Menu for your pets

Don’t worry about your pets because Menage Cafe offer a delectable range of dog food for your pup, such as Sous Vide Pork Loin, Chicken Breast, Salmon Steak and more. Each dish comes with brown rice and broccoli for a complete meal.

They even serve more premium exotic meat like frog leg, venison and crocodile steak.

Our verdict

Considering that this is a dog friendly cafe, the quality and taste of food exceeded our expectations. I mean, genuinely, if I was in Upper Thomson, I would swing by for a pasta and a coffee even my dog wasn’t with me.

The cafe is also pretty spacious, which is great for dogs to run around, with Instagrammable bench swings and colourful backdrop for you to take a family photo.

Weekend crowds are not surprising, so it’s best to make a reservation if you do not want to be disappointed.

Menage Cafe

Location: 6 Sin Ming Rd, #01-01/02, Singapore 575585
Opening hours:
Monday: Closed
Tue- Fri: 12pm-9:30pm
Sat-Sun: 1030am-9:30pm

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