When the world of wine is mentioned, our minds naturally gravitate towards the illustrious vineyards of France, Italy, and Spain. Yet, tucked away in the world of viticulture lies a hidden gem waiting to be discovered — the captivating wines of South Africa.

Message In A Bottle, a remarkable wine company, has set its sights on delighting the palates of wine lovers and sommeliers across Singapore. Guided by the vision of the delightful couple, Annette and Mark du Plessis, Message In A Bottle believes that winemaking is an art form, a mindful process that aims to convey a unique message with each bottle — whether it’s a culinary surprise, a heartfelt emotion, or a cherished memory. This philosophy lies at the heart of their expertly curated selection of exclusive South African wines, sourced directly from esteemed family-run producers.

Annette and Mark du Plessis, Founders of Message in a Bottle. Photo: Message in a Bottle

Amidst the remarkable lineup of South African wines there are a few standout bottles that are sure to leave a lasting impression on you. The 1947 Chenin Blanc ($128) from Kaapzicht is one of them. With only 60 exclusive bottles available in Singapore, this Chenin Blanc promises a symphony of flavours, with notes of honeyed yellow peaches, fynbos, and sweet pineapple confit, resulting in a truly captivating experience. 

Vineyard of Kaapzicht. Photo: Message in a Bottle

Another bottle worth seeking out is the Steytler 2020 ($128) from Kaapzicht. This notable red wine exudes dominant aromas of cherry and red fruit, complemented by subtle hints of vanilla. 

A personal favourite of mine is the Anna Louise Cuvee MCC 2011 ($128), crafted by Domaine Des Dieux. This elegant sparkling wine entices with the delicate sweetness of pear and peach, accompanied by layers of concentrated ripe, baked apple and indulgent brioche notes. This hidden treasure remains an exclusive offering, available only through Message in a Bottle.

These South African wines are available for purchase on their official website.

Message In A Bottle

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