Would you let your wife design your dream home?

If you asked ten men this question, all ten men would say yes without hesitation. I would too. But there’s one part of the house that I wouldn’t give up — the kitchen.

As a home cook and a part-time food content creator, I often dream of the perfect kitchen. For starters, I envision my dream kitchen as an open kitchen, to get plenty of natural light for shoots. The most important thing though, is hoarding the best cookware. Functionality is without a question, but I am a firm believer that aesthetic kitchen appliances will make the food taste better.

A combination of functionality and aesthetics, Modori makes your dream kitchen a reality.

Non-stick pots and pans that you can serve food in

The Sodam Cookware Set ($188, U.P $236) comes with an 18cm cooking pot with lid, 22cm cooking pot, 24cm frying pan and a multifunctional handle that you can detach and attach from all three cookware.

Aside from its aesthetics, this cookware set screams convenience.

For starters, its non-stick property allows you to cook and clean in it easily. All it took was a rinse under the tap, and most of the sauce and grease were flushed out of the pan. It’s also perfect for messy kitchens like mine, as the cookwares stack perfectly on top of one another.

The Sodam Cookware Set saves plenty of space compared to the pots and pans I was using

All three pots and pans double as serving plates and bowls, so you’ll have less dishes to wash after your meal. While you can do the same with a metal pot or pan, it’s just not as presentable, especially when you have guests over. Modori’s cookware simply looks better in its beautiful matte off-white exterior. Your guests wouldn’t even suspect a thing, since the multifunctional handle can be detached after cooking. Furthermore, by serving in the cookware directly, the dish remained warm for a longer period of time.

The multifunctional handle isn’t just a fun little gadget to play with in the kitchen. I also found it more convenient to cook on a small stove area. Sometimes when all three stove head are occupied, the fire may cause the pot handles to heat up during the cooking process. I’ve gotten mild burns from that situation a few times in the kitchen. Hence, having a detachable pot not only saves space on the stove, but it also makes it safer to cook. Modori recommends removing the handle when the pots and pans are on the stove.

I was surprised to find that the three pots and pans are compatible with an induction cooker, even though the bottom surface isn’t metal. They are also suitable for gas stoves, ceramic cookers, heating plates and ovens that do not exceed 300 degrees Celsius.

The sizes of the Sodam Cookware Set is perfect for anything between a couple and a small family. The 22cm cooking pot is optimal for two packets of instant noodles or two servings of pasta. Meanwhile, the pan is big enough to sear two pieces of 150g steak at the same time. The 24cm frying pan’s vertical walls (also known as a sauté pan) also gives it a larger cooking capacity, compared to regular skillets with sides that flare outwards at an angle. However, the straight walls make it harder to toss ingredients, so be prepared to lose the chance to showboat in the kitchen.

The Sodam Cookware Set is also available in Pink Beige.

Bacteria-preventing cutting board

Would you rather cut your vegetables on top of a cutting board or the toilet seat?

If it’s between a regular wooden or plastic cutting board, I’d take my chances with the toilet seat. According to Modori, typical cutting boards contains 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Bacteria thrives in knife marks on cutting boards, especially when they are left in a dark and humid environment like the cupboard.

Made of TPU materials, which is rubber-like (but not rubber), Modori’s cutting board prevents the growth of bacteria as its durable material prevents knife marks on the board. What I like most about it is its flexibility, as I can slide the ingredients from the chopping board to the pan easily by bending the cutting board upwards.

You can purchase the cutting boards individually at $19.8 each, available in the following colours: cocoa, cool grey, deep grey and warm pink. The neutral colours renders it suitable for most kitchens’ designs.

The Cutting Board (4-Color Set) ($88, U.P $110) comes with a sleek magnetic cutting board stand. You can simply hook the cutting boards on the handle. Some people may not see a need for multiple cutting boards but I like to have at least two — one for cutting raw meat, and the other for everything else. Hence, having cutting boards of different colours make it easier to differentiate between the two.

I also added on the Ceramic Magnet Set ($11.8, U.P $14.8) that matches perfectly with the cutting board set

The key to aesthetic drinks

If you’ve seen homebody vlogs on YouTube or TikTok, you’ll notice that many creators use ice balls in their drinks.

Modori’s Silicon Ice Ball Maker ($14.8) comes in four different colours: ivory, green, grey and yellow.

To use, open up the silicon moulds and pour in the water till it reaches the red line on the edge. The mould should be two-thirds filled. Next, place the lid back on top. Water should only be spilling out from the pores at the top of each circular mould. Leave it in the freezer overnight and let it defrost at room temperature for two minutes before removing. The ice balls should slide right off the silicon mould.

I haven’t tried it yet, but you can go crazy and add herbs and fruits into the ice balls. The silicon moulds can also be used to make desserts, such as the shell of a chocolate truffle.

You can also freeze ingredients like diced onions and garlics to make cooking more convenient in the future. Photo: Modori

Modori’s cookware can be purchased online on their official website.


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*This article is written in collaboration with Modori, but all opinions are my own

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