Located in an unassuming building next to Shanghai University station lies a hidden gem within. Mothy Cafe 藦茜花园 is a animal-petting cafe in Shanghai that gives you an up-close opportunity to interact with various unique animals that aren’t your usual cats and dogs. It’s probably one of the most underrated animal cafes we’ve been to, and it was a surprise that we’re the only customers at that point of time.

Mothy Garden

The interior of the cafe was a drastic contrast to the old and tattered building. We stepped in with zero expectations, and was rewarded with a sweet surprise. Every corner of the cafe was nicely decorated with vines, plants and wooden decor that has a very cozy vibe to it.

Mothy Garden Entrance

With an affordable entrance fee of ¥88 (~SGD 17) per person, you get to interact with most of the animals, including exotic and uncommon ones such as chinchilla, racoons, and ferrets. If you’re daring enough, you can challenge yourself to carry a scorpion, snake and even Tarantula Spider!


The garden area behind the fences houses a few adorable guinea pigs that were skittering around, and as usual they were really shy to human touch. My personal favourite animal was 口水, the Alpaca (Translate: Saliva) as it’s a rare opportunity to interact with one. There was also a piglet called 小不点 (Translate: Little one) which was roaming around and nudging us at every chance.

Feeding Alpaca at Mothy Garden

The entrance fee also includes feeding sessions without any extra charges. We were rather taken aback as most places would grasp this potential opportunity to earn extra bucks. While the animals are going to look forward to their treats, do not expect to keep your tummies satisfied as they do not serve food at all (only a drink is included).

Tip: Do not wear light coloured clothings if you intend to carry or get close to these animals!

Locate them!
Unit 13, 809 Jinqiu Lu, near Xi Waihuan Lu, Baoshan district
藦茜花园宠物主题咖啡厅&轰趴馆 宝山区锦秋路809弄13号,近西外环路

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