Where’s a better place to celebrate Christmas than one of the most Instagrammable places in Singapore?

Museum Of Ice Cream (MOIC) transforms into a gloriously pink winter wonderland (they call it Pinkmas!) with holiday specials such as a sprinkles pool, Instagrammable festive installations, and unlimited desserts that celebrate the spirit of the season.

Upon arrival, guests will be served a comforting cup of pink hot chocolate, and a scoop of peppermint soft serve, before they begin their journey through a magical pink forest, and a quaint gingerbread town.

What to expect at MOIC’s Christmas special (Complete list)

Jump into their sprinkles pool
Play 4-in-a-row and bean bag tossing at their carnival area
Leave a message at their customisable letter wall!
Instagrammable spots at almost every corner
Take a break, have a Chocolate or Coconut ice cream from Ice Cream & Cookie Co.
If that’s not enough ice cream, Scream’s Diner offers Peppermint and Apple Pie ice cream
Write a Christmas greeting for your loved ones
Giant ice cream cones means we have to take another photo!
Nostalgic Potong installation. Leave a wish on a Christmas cards and hang it on the trees. You can also leave with a pandan or pulut hitam Potong
Can’t leave without a photo though. Can you guess what we wished for?
Swing on your favourite sundae topping!
Don’t forget to take try the Taro Milk Tea and Lychee Bandung ice cream from Ice Cream & Cookie Co.
MOIC Cafe & Bar where you can try their Christmas-exclusive desserts

Christmas-exclusive desserts

Aside from free-flow ice cream, a constant throughout MOIC’s events, they have prepared Christmas-exclusive desserts. Head down to the MOIC Cafe & Bar to enjoy the following items: Gingerbread Milkshake ($16), Pinkmas Sundae ($18), and a comforting mug of Eggnog ($15).

Tickets start from $40, which includes free-flow ice cream throughout your experience.

Museum Of Ice Cream

Location: 100 Loewen Road, Dempsey, Singapore 248837
Date: 18 Nov 2022-8 Jan 2023
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm (Thu-Sun) 

*Photos: Museum Of Ice Cream

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