Advocates of organic food has always championed for the health and environmental benefits it entails. But let me present a different aspect to the matter — does organic food simply taste better?

Naturally Nurtured Australia (NNA), a sustainable farm in Australia, aims to grow fruits and vegetables the way they are supposed to taste.

Range of NNA’s produce at the organic section of Cold Storage.

Ever since fruits and vegetable are mass produced, Sue, a representative from NNA, noticed that they don’t taste like how they did when she was younger — when they were grown organically in small local farms.

The apples were tasteless, the strawberries were too sour, while the vegetables was no longer as fresh it used to be. Sue likened the freshness to the subtle sweetness of spring water; vegetables that were so fresh that they could taste good without any seasoning.

With an average of least 13 types of chemicals pumped in, it’s no surprise that the flavours are altered. However, enhancing the durability and shelf-life of fresh produce is deemed a necessary evil to meet the increasing global demand for food.

Meanwhile, regenerative farming, which allows farmers to grow produce sustainably, guarantees the best nature has to offer. Regenerative agriculture is a sustainable farming method that rebuilds soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity. This means that soil isn’t irreversibly damaged during the farming process. Healthier soil allows fruits and vegetables to absorb more nutrients, and grow without the need for dangerous chemicals or heavy metals. In addition to its nutritional value, NNA produce stands out in supermarkets with its vibrant colours, textures, and size. They also have longer shelf lives despite the lack of preservatives.

It’s hard to believe that these are the vegetables grown without any chemicals.

If you miss it, you’ll have to wait another year

“You’ll never be able to find Australian apples from us on the shelves at this time,” said Sue. Apples are seasonal in Autumn, between March to May. Hence, finding them on supermarket shelves in September would mean that they were picked up months ago, and injected with chemicals to prolong their shelf lives.

Currently, strawberries are in season in Australia. NNA’s farmers harvest them earlier, when it has a balance of tartness and sweetness. The longer farmers wait to harvest, the sweeter they get.

NNA’s produce can be found in select Cold Storage outlets across Singapore, with further extension across online channels including Shopee and Lazada. Aside from fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables, the range will include grass fed lamb, goat and beef produce, alongside dairy, seafood and bush foods.

*This article is written in collaboration with Naturally Nurtured Australia, but all opinions are of my own

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