Cafe hoppers might be familiar with the names Apollo and Atlas. The same folks behind these ‘universe’ themed cafes have extended their influence to the East with their latest creation, Neptune. Not only is it the furthest planet in our solar system, but it also shares the same name with the God of the Sea in Roman mythology, a befitting name for a cafe located near the beach. 

Neptune, Cafe at East Coast Road, teal, white and wooden interior design. Photo taken by @doggaebi
Source: @doggaebi/Instagram

Neptune Cafe shares a similar modern industrial chic look with its sister cafes: Atlas Coffeehouse, Apollo Coffee Bar, Columbus Coffee Co and Lunar Coffee Brewers. Just like the ancient depictions of Neptune, the cafe was painted in teal and white, a rare colour palette in Singapore’s cafe scene. Along with its light shade of wooden furniture, it reminds me of the stretch of cafes located at Sydney’s Bondi Beach.

Japanese-inspired Menu

Neptune offers a fair share of classic cafe dishes. But the infusion of Japanese elements are what sets them apart.

Big in Japan- Grana Padano scones, yuzu jam, honey mascarpone, cold shrimp and salmon in dill sauce. Photo taken by @iris.nihao
Source: @iris.nihao/Instagram

Take a look at Big in Japan (S$16.9), an Asian rendition of the Big Breakfast. It features 4 scones imbued with Grana Padano, a mild and creamy cheese. You can pair it 3 different ways: tangy with their yuzu jam, sweet with a creamy honey mascarpone, and lastly, a savoury combination of cold shrimp and & salmon in dill sauce. 

Chili Crab & Chorizo - Harissa chili crab sauce, grilled chorizo, scrambled egg and and sour cream. Photo taken by @munchrealm
Source: @munchrealm/Instagram

For something more flavorful, opt for their Chili Crab & Chorizo (S$22.5) that features a heated rivalry between the sweet Harissa chilli crab sauce and grilled chorizo for the sole piece of toast on the plate. To curb the spicy, smoky flavours, pair it with its fluffy scrambled eggs and dollop of sour cream.

Aglio Olio Tagliatelle. Photo taken by @eatwithsh
Source: @eatwithsh/Instagram

The lunch menu shows more restrain, with classic pasta dishes such as Aglio Olio (S$18.5), Shrimp Scampi (S$21.9) and Carbonara (S$21.9).

A dish that stands out is their Bacon Kedgreez, a bacon curried rice topped with raisins, tomato basil pesto, jammy egg, caramelized onions and sour cream. An interesting flavour combination that combines sweet, salty and sour.

Atlas’s Famous Cold Brews

Barista pouring latte art at Neptune. Photo taken by @doggaebi
Source: @doggaebi

Besides the standard espresso-based drinks and filters, Neptune does serve Atlas’ signatures: The Cosmos and The Milky Way at S$7.5 each. The Cosmos is a standard black cold brew that’s devoid of tasting notes,  whereas The Milky Way is a white cold brew that boasts a creamy texture and a hazelnut fragrance from their house blend.

Neptune, cafe located along East Coast road. Photo taken by @doggaebi
Source: @doggaebi

Location: 237 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428930
Tel: +65 6970 7305
Opening hours: 9am – 10pm (Tue – Sat); 9am – 7pm (Sun); Closed on Mondays

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