With its pretty pink hues and exquisite cakes, it feels as though you’ve walked into a royal tea-time party. You majesty, welcome to Nesuto, a cake and tea shop at Tanjong Pagar. Nesuto, meaning ‘Nest’ in Japanese, combines adept French pastries technique with premium Japanese ingredients. Most of the cakes are priced at around S$10. Fortunately, coffee and tea are capped at the standard market price of about S$5 per cup.

Japanese-French inspired Cakes

We ordered the Tiramisu which had rich and had deep flavors from the rum and cocoa. But its texture was slightly too wet, which made it feel more mousse-like than cake.

We also had the Yuki Raspberry Cake which was fluffy and light. Don’t expect a prominent tartness from the raspberries. Instead, it possessed bright, fruity notes that exude feelings of imagery of summer.

Coffee, tea, or-

To go with the cake, we got the Peach Oolong and Milk Oolong. The oolong was full-bodied with a toasty note, with slight hints of fruitiness and milkiness. I absolutely loved how the fruity and milky aspects of the tea mainly hit the olfaction instead. So, you get a whiff of the peach/ milk, before the warm, malty leaves- devoid of artificial flavours- that hit your taste buds.

We haven’t tried the coffee here. But, we do have some solid recommendations for coffee at Tanjong Pagar such as Flash Coffee and Equate Coffee.


From the two cakes that we had, it’s evident that the flavours here are more delicate, possibly due to the French culinary techniques used. For something more straightforward, perhaps Cake Spade, located nearby, would be a better choice. While the sublime furnishing may lift the ambience of the cafe, the poor acoustics causes dissonance once it starts to get crowded. So if you’re seeking refuge, Nesuto wouldn’t be such a suitable place.

Location: 53 Tras St, Singapore 078992
Tel: +65 6920 2922
Opening hours: 12- 9:30pm (mon-thur); 12-10:30pm (fri-sat); 12- 5:30pm (sun)


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