NUDE Seafood storefront

NUDE Seafood, a pet-friendly restaurant at Downtown, serves value-for-money Japanese fare.

With their family business in Hai Sia Seafood, a third generation seafood wholesaler, NUDE Seafood’s menu focuses on seafood that is infused with Asian flavours.

The most straightforward way to savour a variety of their seafood is through their Premium Chirashi Don ($38.9). It comprises a mountain of Hokkaido scallop, swordfish belly, salmon and flying fish roe atop of Niigata sushi rice, one of Japan’s tastiest type of rice.

The cubed sashimi was fresh; nothing to complain about. Though it is possible to get this elsewhere at a more affordable price.

Meanwhile, the Abalone Tsukemen ($30.8) provided a more unique experience. It comes with a sous vide egg, three 8-head abalone, fried tofu with mentaiko and white kimchi. Tsukemen is a ramen dish that separates the noodles from the broth.

Surprisingly, their meat-items fared better than their seafood.

NUDE Seafood uses a creamy and rich pork dipping broth, also known as tonkotsu. Its flavours are more intense than regular tonkotsu broth so we don’t recommend drinking it straight. However, when you consume it with the noodles, the flavours mellow out a little, though the flavours are still slightly heavier.

Everything about the Grassfed NZ Wagyu ‘Bavette’ Steak ($31.5) was also perfect.

The Bavette, also known as the flank, soaked up all the flavours and a touch of smokiness imparted by the Binchotan grill- a type of Japanese charcoal grill- they use. Furthermore, it’s as tender as flanks get.

The sides were also heavenly. Creamy scrambled eggs, flavouful ,smoky corn, and a punchy black pepper sauce.

Vegetarian options and starters such as Spanish Pork Jowl ($17.8) and Clams in White Wine ($19.9) are also on the menu.

NUDE Seafood is located on the first floor of Marina One East Tower, with a large open space for pet-owners to walk their dogs after their meals. Do note that dining with pets are only allowed in the outdoor dining area.

Complimentary snacks are also given to pets.

Location: 5 Straits View, #01-23 Marina One East Tower, Singapore 018935
Tel: +65 8726 1576
Opening hours: 
Monday: 11:30am- 2pm
Tue- Sun: 11:30am- 2pm; 6- 8pm

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