Challenges are inevitable as you embark on the journey of pet parenthood, and one of these is your furry companion’s finicky eating habits. Despite your best efforts, your dog refuses his designated meals and prefers human food or treats. This stubbornness will probably leave pet owners torn between indulging their pet’s cravings or ensuring their nutritional needs are met.

Introducing green tripe, a superfood that’s gaining popularity in the realm of pet nutrition. As many pet food products incorporate this nutrient-rich ingredient, you will be intrigued by its potential to entice picky furry eaters while offering a complete diet. NUTRIPE could finally bridge the gap between your dog’s palate and wellbeing.


Established in the year 2003, NUTRIPE responsibly procures their fundamental ingredients from New Zealand and Australia, which consist of natural, pasture-raised, hormone-free, and non-genetically modified (non-GMO) ingredients, affirming its status as a safe and sustainable choice for your beloved pets. Furthermore, their products are enriched with enzymes, prebiotic, and probiotics, ensuring a harmonious diet suitable for pets spanning various life stages.

Tailored to dogs across every life phase, the RAW Freeze-Dried Food selection is meticulously formulated to deliver a comprehensive and harmonious diet, presented in an array of five different flavours:

  • New Zealand King Salmon with Green Tripe
  • New Zealand Grass-Fed Beef with Green Tripe
  • New Zealand Grass-Fed Lamb with Green Tripe
  • New Zealand Free-Range Venison with Green Tripe
  • Pacific Ocean Fish & Abalone with Green Tripe

In addition, you can also enhance any meal with RAW’s Toppers, the ideal complement! Delight your furry companion with an instant treat straight from the bag or sprinkle it over their food.

  • Elevate brain care with New Zealand Grass-Fed Beef combined with Green Tripe
  • Boost the immune system with New Zealand Grass-Fed Beef and Green Tripe
  • Promote joint and mobility care with New Zealand Grass-Fed Lamb and Green Tripe
  • Enhance skin and coat care with New Zealand Free-Range Venison and Green Tripe

What is tripe and the benefits of it

Tripe is produced from the stomach of a grazing animal like cows, lambs and sheeps. In pet nutrition, unprocessed green tripe is considered a superfood with essential fatty acids, enzymes, probiotics, and vitamins. Dogs are generally drawn to the potent aroma, especially beneficial for older dogs with diminished senses.

Tripe offers a range of benefits for dogs. It aids digestion through enzymes and probiotics, supports immune health by focusing on the gut, and provides essential vitamins and minerals like calcium and phosphorus for overall organ and tissue health, along with high-quality protein for bone and muscle growth.

Nutripe review

One of my favourite things about NUTRIPE is the fuss-free packaging, which is designed with zip lock features, which makes it easy to store. Another layer of convenience is that the pieces of food are quite small, which saves me the trouble of breaking it into smaller pieces. The freeze-dried raw is also very easy to hydrate. Just add a small amount of water depending on preference to soften the food. If your pup prefer to munch on crunchy texture, you can leave out the hydration process too.

Kuro has always been a really picky and stubborn-headed cavapoo since he was young, and is always refusing his meals. But he happily gobbled down the NUTRIPE Raw food. He has been enthusiastically finishing up his food for the past week without procrastination too!


*This article is written in collaboration with NUTRIPE, but all opinions are my own

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