Who says parties have to be in the form of housewarmings and birthdays? National Day is around the corner and it’s a perfect excuse to gather all your family and friends to enjoy a warm and hearty feast. Nothing is more relatable to celebrate Singapore’s 54th birthday than to indulge in our local delicacies with On & On Diners National Day Mini Buffet!

With 10 years of experience, On & On Diners is your trusted halal-certified caterer, which offers delicious and affordable buffet meals for different occasions. Here are 5 simple reasons why On & On Diners should be your preferred choice for events catering.

1. Huge Variety of Food Choices

The National Day Mini Buffet is a customisable 10 course meal for 15 pax and above ($15.70/ pax). Each category has about 3 to 5 different food selections, giving you plenty of options to pick from. The dilemma is real.

As On & On Diners is a halal-certified caterer, you won’t have to prepare extra food separately for your fellow Muslim guests too!

Here’s our customised menu specially curated for District Sixty Five! That’s a really simple and heartwarming note for a customer to have something personalised, even if it’s a small gesture.

2. Wide Range of Themes

There are various types of buffets to suit different occasions – ranging from mini buffet, catering buffet to weddings and packed bento meals. And as if that isn’t enough, they offer an extensive list of themes such as Hari Raya Haji Mini Buffet, Dim Sum Buffet, Kids Party, Western Buffet, Oriental Buffet, Vegetarian Buffet and more!

For the mini buffet, set-up will not be provided and food will be served in disposable trays. Not to worry, disposable cutlery including serving ladles are also provided. The disposable trays also serves as a great purpose to dabao your food home.

3. Convenience to Order

For some reasons, there are certain catering companies that do not include their menu onto their website. This makes it rather inconvenient to place an order especially if you are in a rush.

On the other hand, On & On Diners has a very comprehensive and user-friendly site which allows one to place an order directly by checking the boxes and selecting the quantity before checking out. It’s really quite fuss-free and easy.

Once the food selection is completed, there is an option for add-ons on the following page. And these are just a few of the choices available.

4. Great Taste

One of the most important factors of a catering is no other than its taste! You wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by receiving negative comments from your guests, would you? On & On Diners did not disappoint. Their flavours were on point and not overly salty.

A few standout dishes include the Homemade Otah and Hainanese Chicken. The chicken was drenched in a huge amount of ginger scallion garnish, adding intense flavour to the dish. The Otah has a spicy after taste that may deter those with low spicy tolerance. But if you’re into spices, this one says SHIOK!

The Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo Sacs was a sweet ending note to our meal. As much as our tummies were already filled to the brim, the refreshing and milky sweet taste got everyone tempted. This dessert is right up your alley if you’re a serious Mango lover!

5. Affordability

With just $15.70 per pax, you get to enjoy 10 different types of dishes, which is quite a competitive price!

Although the buffet is catered to only 15 pax as mentioned on their website, they were very generous with the food and the set can safely accommodate about 20 pax instead. We had many extras left. (and that’s not a bad thing!) In fact, almost everyone took extra portions and some of them even ate more than their usual food intake.

Order On & On Diner’s National Day Mini Buffet now!

*This article is written in collaboration with On & On Diners

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