In commemoration of Episode 1000’s release, Toei Animation has announced the release of their 15th movie for the popular Japanese anime, One Piece Film: Red.

In partnership with One Piece, Uniqlo is releasing their One Piece Film: Red UT Collection on 11 July 2022.

The film focuses on Shanks and introduces a major new female character, Uta, who is his estranged daughter.

Launching on 11th July, 2022, in Japan, the lineup features the following designs.

The first design pays homage to the Red-Haired Pirates, since they will have a major role in the upcoming movie. The front features their pirate logo on the chest, while the back comprises of simple line art of the crew’s strongest members, along with their names.

Next, this navy shirt commemorates an iconic moment in the anime, when Shanks entrusted his straw hat to Luffy after saving him.

Its white background and simple line art allows the film’s title to stand out. This third design features the Straw Hat Pirates with the addition of one of their latest crew member, Jinbei.

Lastly, a shirt dedicated to the future pirate king, Monkey D. Luffy, in his Film: Red outfit.

Uniqlo Singapore has yet to announce their launch date of this highly-anticipated collection, but more information can be found on Uniqlo Japan.

*Image credits: Uniqlo Japan

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