Always undecided between Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or General Practitioners (GP) as the treatment to your illnesses? Amidst the debate about which treatment is more effective, Singapore’s household brand Eu Yan Sang suggests otherwise — both eastern and western treatment should and could be integrated to provide you better preventive care.

Eu Yan Sang’s revolutionary East-meets-West treatment philosophy hence birthed One Wellness Medical. With TCM physicians and western doctors working hand-in-hand, they were able to leverage on each others’ strengths to provide the most suitable health care for everyone.

Is combining both Chinese and western treatment more effective? Here’s what I experienced at One Wellness Medical.

My experience at One Wellness Medical

The One Wellness Essential Screening Programme ($236), also known as Program A, provides a health screening, as well as a review consultation with GP and TCM Health Report by One Wellness Medical. The all-inclusive screening is perfect for those who want a full body check, or are unsure of which aspect of their health they want to analyse.

Upon arrival at the clinic, I was welcomed by the super calming and classy interior.

Caption: The GP and TCM rooms are located on the left and right of the clinic respectively.

After filling in my details, I was brought to the GP room for a “western” consultation. Among the many ailments in my failing body, I’ve decided to ask about the most pressing issue of mine — my constant back pain that I have been facing for nearly 3 years.

The doctor very patiently went through a few checks with me to give me a diagnosis of my spine issue from a western medicinal perspective, then proceeded to explain how I can reduce my back pain through correcting my postures via physiotherapy. She then prescribed some anti-inflammation pills and painkillers to reduce my back pain.

After the session with the GP, I was brought to the TCM side where I consulted on the same issue. After going through a series of diagnosis the doctor explained that my spine was misaligned (ouch). Based on his diagnosis, he decided to give me tui na as a treatment to set my bone back in place. Tui na is a therapeutic form of massage.

The treatment was smooth and pain-free, and I could definitely feel all the aches and sore from my back disappearing with the cracks!

After the session, I was also given an extremely detailed health report that explains to me in details my body composition as well as all the treatments I should go for. They also listed out the type of food I should consume, or avoid, and many more; all personalised to my body type and symptoms.

All in all, the session at One Wellness Medical was indeed an eye-opener for me. I was enlightened with the possibilities that a synergised East-meets-West treatment can give. I believe that this integrative approach is potentially the future of healthcare, and will be able to cover a wider range of illnesses.

Treatments available at One Wellness Medical

There is also a briefer health screening available for $73.9, and more specific consultations such as the Diabetes Wellness Program ($58), Hypertension Wellness Program ($63), Heart Wellness Program ($88), and more.

The full list is available on One Wellness Medical.

Location: 112 East Coast Rd i12, 112 E Coast Rd, #04-19, 428802
Tel: +65 6568 0320
Opening hours:
Monday: 9:30am-8pm
Tuesday: 9:30am-9pm
Wed-Thu: 9:30am-8pm
Fri-Sat: 9:30am-9pm
Sunday: 10am-9pm

*This article is written in partnership with One Wellness Medical, but all opinions are of my own

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