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What’s the key to a sexy head of hair? It’s not a $60 hair cut. Neither is it fancy and organic hair products. Beautiful hair begins with a healthy scalp. The scalp is akin to the foundation of a building. It doesn’t matter how luxurious the layout is or how exquisite the decors are, the finest skyscraper is doomed to fall with a flimsy base.

Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions is a lifestyle brand that takes a holistic approach towards haircare and they have just opened their 9th outlet at Suntec City.

Source: Organic Hair Regrowth Solution

They say that ‘scalp care is the new skin care’.

Some may disagree considering the scalp is barely visible. But its obscurity is also the reason for negligence, and it’s important that more attention is given to our scalp as it ensures a healthy head of hair. A mistreated scalp can often lead to dandruff, greasy hair and even hair loss.

I tried their Advanced Hair Growth Treatment which is a 1 hour simple scalp treatment that starts from S$248.

Scalp treatment process

The first step of the treatment was identifying the root (pun intended) problem your scalp has. Thankfully, my scalp was quite healthy to begin with, with just a slight congestion in the pores as seen from the close-up analysis.

I had my doubts about how effective the treatment would be but as you can tell from the ‘after’ photo, my pores are completely clear of sebum and my scalp is significantly brighter.

The treatment started with a detoxing process using High Frequency machine that, although sounds and looks like an taser rod, only produces a mild tingling sensation on the scalp. Aside from killing toxic impurities, it also aids in improving blood circulation in the hair and revitalize the scalp.

Next, the specialist applied their in-house Exfo peel cream onto my scalp. It stayed on for 10 minutes, exuding a chilling sensation which I wasn’t a fan of. But anything for beauty, am I right?

Then, comes the familiar part, shampooing. The specialist washed my hair with a mango-scented shampoo twice. I was confused as I’ve always thought the recommended frequency was once every two days instead of twice a day. Turns out, washing your hair twice is the key to keeping your scalp clean. The first wash simply is only effective in purging sweat and dirt, while the second is for deep cleansing.

Lastly, a nutrient-packed ampoule catered to my scalp conditions is sprayed onto my scalp with a nano-air brush. This process takes between 5-10 minutes, and just like the Exfo peel cream, it had a cooling, slightly prickly sensation.

The ginseng in the ampoule strengthens follicles and roots, slowing down the thinning and breaking of hair and promoting hair growth.

Thoughts on the process

I walked in without knowledge of scalp treatments and honestly I was expecting it to be a lot more daunting. But, it was basically a more extensive shampooing process, with more premium products and technology.

Do note that Organic Hair Regrowth Solution’s Suntec City branch is offering 50% off all services till the end of October 2021.

Location: 3 Temasek Boulevard Suntec City, East Wing, #02-602 602A, 038983
+65 6235 6747


*This article is written in collaboration with Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions

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