You might have seen these hair styling products at your hair salon five years ago. After all, OSiS+ is a go-to choice for most hairdressers.

Schwarzkopf Professional, a professional hairdressing brand under the German Henkel Group, has recently relaunched OSiS+; this time, with a more inclusive and modern design, and a more sustainable approach.

Out of the 16 hair styling products OSiS+ has, these are the five that I will be reviewing, tried and tested: Bounty Balm, G. Force, Mighty Matte, Pump Up, and Session.

First and foremost, it’s reassuring to use OSiS+. Despite its harsh industrial colours, you’d be surprised to learn that OSiS+ is mainly concocted with vegan ingredients — 13 out of 16 are vegan, to be exact. Not that I’m vegan, but I am particular about the amount of chemicals in my hair products. So I’ve only been using organic hair products in the past five years. But, considering the large proportion of vegan ingredients in their products, I decided to give OSiS+ a shot.

Hair products for natural curls

My favourite products are Bounty Balm and Mighty Matte because of how well they help me achieve that natural-wavy hair look. My hair is at shoulder length and slightly wavy, and for my everyday hairstyle, I like to go for a more effortless look, which means my hair needs to have slight shine and flow-y texture.

I start off with a generous squeeze of Bounty Balm and applying it thoroughly through my damp hair. I always pre-style my hair with a blowdryer to elevate the volume of my hair, giving it a fluffier look. I really like the way the balm glides across my hair and how it leaves a natural shine and waves in my hair after it’s dried. You could also pre-style your hair with the G-Force, which is an extra strong gel, if you’re going for a more sleek look that requires a hair product with a stronger hold.

The Bounty Balm has a slightly lighter hold than I expected. But it did great in reducing frizz, which is much needed when you have longer hair like mine. Hence, I would fortify it with the Mighty Matte after my hair is dried. A little goes a long way with this product, since I am going for a natural look. The hair product reminded me of hair clay. But unlike clays, which works poorly with thin Asian hair like mine, the Mighty Matte did its job, locking the waves in place, while still keeping it nice and flowy.

You could take it a step further and finish with the Session hair spray. Since I’m going for a natural wavy look, I wouldn’t typically use hair spray, but for the sake of this review I tried it anyway. Its hold is as promised — extra strong. Even though hair sprays are not part of my styling routine, I do have to commend Session for its strength, without adding that clumpy, shiny look to your hair that some hair sprays tend to do.

Tricks for elevating hair volume

As mentioned earlier, it’s easier to achieve puffy voluminous hair by blowdrying damp hair. Alternatively, you could use a product from OSiS+ Volume & Body series.

The Pump Up is smooth and creamy paste that is easy to apply. The volume was there, but I do feel like if I used a hairdryer, the difference in results was minimal between Pump Up and Bounty Balm. 

OSiS+ is available for purchase at selected hair salons. More information can be found on their official website.


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