Disneyland is truly a magical place for kids and even adults! To complete the full enjoyable experience at Disneyland and mainly due to the convenience, we chose to stay at the Toy Story Hotel during the entire vacation. There were two options available at Shanghai Disney Resort – Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and Toy Story Hotel. The former was a deluxe option with classic and luxurious gold decor, while the other had a more affordable price tag, and might actually be more favoured among kids due to the colourful theme and design.


The room designs are essentially the same with 3 different views – Garden, Courtyard and Park view. Personally, I don’t find any value in upgrading the room views.

Our stay was between 10-15 December and the rate per room per night ranges from ¥840 to ¥1000 (~S$162 to 193), which is relatively affordable given that it’s located in Disney Resort.

With the lobby filled with cheerful tones and Toy Story elements everywhere, it was difficult to ignore the Disney vibes from the moment we stepped in. And it was a bonus with all the Christmas decorations too!


The rooms had coordinated Toy Story colours with an iconic clouds background from Andy’s bedroom. Even the side table was made out of a rubik’s cube! While the room isn’t that spacious, the double beds were sufficient for 4 pax to sleep in. Our family had 2 connecting rooms upon request, which of course made things a lot more convenient during our stay.

I love how they put thought into every details of the room. If you’re a Disney fanatic, this might be a more fun option compared to Shanghai Disneyland hotel which was more classic and luxurious.

For a value hotel at this price, it is certainly worth staying for the convenience and special experience!


The service at Disneyland is impeccable. You’ll receive a heartwarming VIP-like experience as you are greeted by every staff while strolling down the corridor.

Checking in was a breeze, however, the security was overall rather strict at Shanghai Disney Resort. You are not allowed to purchase park tickets on behalf of others, as they require to take a photo identity of everyone.

Before heading to the park, you can also have some photo-taking opportunity outdoor! You might even be lucky enough to meet Woody and Jessie. There isn’t a queue most of the time, so it’s a perfect chance!

To travel to Disneyland, Disney Town or Shanghai Disneyland, you can catch a shuttle bus just outside the hotel!

How was your magical stay at Disneyland Hotel?

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