The Permanent Resident (PR) application process isn’t as easy as it seems. Gone are the days where immigrants can start afresh after a cruise on the rocky seas, holding onto nothing but a spare set of clothes. The mortality rate might have been high, but it still beats the piles of administrative work required in the modern age. Of course, you could go through the arduous process of applying alone or simply expedite the process with Paul Immigrations.

About Them

Specializing in PR applications, Paul Immigrations is a consultancy firm that provides expert opinions to increase your chances of obtaining a PR status. With over 15,000 satisfied customers, they pride themselves on their high success rate over the years.

Dedicating a team of specialists to each applicant, they ensure a proficient and hassle-free application process for their customers. Those with any doubts regarding the effectiveness of their services fret not. You are granted one free consultation to better understand how they can help to enhance your portfolio.

That being said, we will be explaining some of their basic services in the rest of the article. So if you’re still not convinced, stick around!

Key Insights to a Successful Application

For first-time applicants, the biggest hurdle is the necessary research involved. Not only is that time consuming, but it is also easy to miss out on important information. Moreover, failure to submit any necessary documents through the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore’s (ICA) portal can potentially lead to an invalid application.

Not only does the firm provide you with sufficient information regarding the application process, but their experts also produce the complete set of documents and ensure that they are submitted on time.

Additional Documents and Personalized Cover Letters For A Better Chance

However, a proper submission does not guarantee success, especially in the increasingly heated climate regarding immigration. The revised immigration policy has only made it more difficult for a successful application. Thus, with the rapid increase in applicants and dwindling quota, it wouldn’t be wise to walk into the battlefield without any assistance.

Therefore, to ensure that you are immersed in the spotlight, the well-established consultancy assists in preparing additional documents that showcase your best traits. Furthermore, their specialized team can also craft personalized cover letters that set you apart from other applicants.

In short, these are some of the basic services the consultancy provide:

  • Offer key insights and expertise
  • Organize all necessary documents
  • Prepare additional essential documents
  • Craft personalised cover letters
  • Lead you through the entire process
  • Minimise hassle and time wastage
Source: Paul Immigrations

Paul Immigrations Reviews– Free First Consultation

Even if you’ve already been through the process and have all the necessary documents in place, it doesn’t hurt to engage their specialists. You will be given one free consultation where your documents are evaluated to determine if you require any professional help to enhance your application. After the consultation, if you’re still confident in your own documents, there’s no obligation to further engage in their services.

To book a free consultation, all it takes is to answer a short questionnaire on their website and you will be contacted by their specialists within two working days. (More information regarding the form can be found below)

Is being a PR in Singapore Worth The Effort?

Being one of the top countries in terms of quality of living, it is no question that Singapore is one of the top choices for immigrants. Her reliable healthcare system, socio-economic stability and business opportunities are just one of the many desirable traits Singapore encompasses. And being a PR makes it a whole lot better with more job opportunities, Central Provident Fund (CPF) benefits, tax reliefs and property ownership perks, etc. Not to mention, the PR status is just a small step away from obtaining citizenship in Singapore.

However, is all the effort worth it for a PR status? The ocean of information to look through, the mountains of paperwork to submit, the grueling 6 months wait for the results… Truth be told, we wouldn’t do it. Not alone, at least.

But with their assistance, we just might.

Just One Simple Step to Obtain Your PR Status

Assess your Singapore PR Eligibility by filling in your name, email, mobile number, current Singapore work pass and your relationship with a Singapore PR or Citizen. It’s as simple as that.

As mentioned above, a specialist will contact you shortly thereafter for a free consultation. If you decide to continue their service, the entire process will take 3-6 months, depending on how much you have already prepared prior to the meeting.

Source: Paul Immigration

Don’t Believe Us?

Here are some of the reviews by successful applicants who have engaged their services:

“The consultants at Paul Immigrations were very patient. They provide detailed explanations to my queries too. I’m so happy to have them handle my submission & even more so now that it is approved.”
Priya Darshini, 27
India, Accountant (LTVP to PR), PR approved in 6 months

“So glad that I finally got my approval in 5 months! Thanks to my consultant and team of Paul Immigrations, the troublesome applying process is so much less stressful for me! Kudos to the team!”
Yap Khai Wen, 32
Malaysia, Corporate Communications Executive, PR Approved in 5 months

“Booked a consultation with Paul Immigrations after knowing them from a friend who engaged their professional service. The process was so much easier than trying to do it on my own!”
Sandra Liu Hua, 35
China, lead Engineer, PR approved in 6 months

To sum up, first-time applicants can benefit greatly from obtaining key insights regarding the process and also a complete document package for submission. Meanwhile, reapplicants can make full use of the team’s personalized cover letters and additional documents to buff up their application.

The cost can only be determined after the first consultation (which is free). But regardless of the fee, don’t you agree it’s a small price to pay to be a part of our Little Red Dot?

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