percolate review, hot latte with tulip latte art

Percolate Coffee — an aptly named cafe at Bedok North as it serves one of the best cups of coffee in Singapore.

Percolate refers to the process of coffee slowly passing through a filter, and just like this cafe in Bedok, you’ll find yourself savoring the leisurely passage of time on an afternoon as you sip on a good cup of joe.

Personally, it’s one of my favourite places for coffee, and here’s why.

Our honest review of Percolate Coffee

percolate review, hot latte with tulip latte art
A simple hot latte, made with a single origin from Peru

According to their staff, Percolate rotate their selection roughly every quarter. Not sure when it’s coming back, but their single origin from Peru was my favourite. It was so nutty and chocolate, it was as if it was infused with hazelnuts.

One of my go-to purchases, especially during the circuit breaker days where we couldn’t leave the house, is their 1L Iced White for $19.9. You can keep this for a week and after some quick math, it’s only about $5 per cup, which means that you’re saving at least $1 for every cup you drink.

1 litre cold brew from percolate coffee
Can’t get enough of their coffee? Just get 1 litre of it

Additionally, you can try their unique concoctions like the Hot Coconut Latte and Hot Ginger Latte at $5.5.

But, our review of Percolate is not complete if we don’t try some of their food too.

One of the best croissants in Singapore too

Beyond coffee, Percolate also houses a wide assortment of croissants and cakes.

One of the reasons Percolate gets such good reviews online is because of how interesting their Asian-inspired croissants. Take the classic Smoked Salmon ($7.2) croissant for example. A basic brunch dish is elevated with an ingenious addition of a spicy and rich wasabi cream cheese.

our review of percolate's smoke salmon croissant with wasabi cream cheese
The classic Smoked Salmon Croissant with an interesting spicy twist

Meanwhile, the Fishcake Laksa Croissant ($10) was also super well done. It was meaty and the laksa was packed with spices.

We also got the basic Ham & Cheese Croissant ($6) which was decent but falls in comparison with the other two we’ve tried. Starbucks is the better place for this, with a more satisfying ham and cheese to croissant ratio.

ham and cheese croissant
Ham & Cheese Croissant

It might’ve been a slip up for the day, but we noticed the sweet croissants were miserably soggy compared to their savoury counterparts. Somehow, the savoury croissants were the ones with the perfect texture.

Stick with the savoury croissants

Either it was a slip up that day, or that the sweet ones are prepared ahead of time. But, despite the subpar texture, the flavours of sweet croissants were still good.

flat lay of pastries from a cafe at bedok north
A wide variety of pastries at Percolate Coffee

The Butter Croissant & Kaya ($4.4) had the right amount of sweetness to it and it was just so fragrant.

Meanwhile, the Matcha Almond Croissant ($5), albeit looking a little pathetic, had a decent amount of matcha flavour. But, it’d be better if the matcha had a stronger astringency to it, in my opinion.

Lastly, we got the Pistachio Lemon Cake ($7) which should probably be renamed ‘Lemon Cake’ considering the lack of pistachio in its flavour profile. The slight dusting atop did little to redeem itself. But, this is still a strong 9 out of 10 for me due to the dense and moist texture of the cake. The lemon curd was also vibrantly tangy.

pistachio lemon cake

If you want something more filling, they also have Asian mains such as Salmon Congee ($11.2), Crab Curry Noodles ($13.2) and Smoked Duck Mala Soba ($14.5).

Our verdict?

From our review of Percolate, I’m sure our verdict is clear.

We kept going back to the cafe for more, whether it’s to try a new croissant or to try their new single origins.

Personally, it’s one of my favourite cafes in Bedok to get coffee and croissants. However, its downside is that it might not be the most convenient to get to as it’s 2-3 bus stops away from both Bedok MRT station and Bedok Reservoir MRT station.


Location: 136 Bedok North Ave 3, #01-152, Singapore 460136
Opening hours: 9am-7pm

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